Some FFA Miami news....

Some news about things going on with the Freestyle Fighting Academy...

Haender "Cubita" Rodriguez won his fight two weekends back at the AFC by submission in the second round versus Pat Slidiel (sp?). It was a VERY exciting fight, both guys giving it all they had in the ring. The tide of the war turned Cubita's way in the second round when he was able to effectively counter Pat's takedowns and land some hard shots from standing, eventually leading up to his toe hold which gave him the submission victory! He improves his pro record to 2-1, winning twice in a row. Nice job Cubita!

This past weekend we had another fighter, Tirso Valls, fight at the UCF II. Tirso's opponent was a very tough kickboxer with good takedown defense. This was Tirso's second pro fight and this one was a war! The vast majority of the fight was standing, where both fighters connected with some very strong punches, kicks, and knees. Some of Tirso's highlights were some big punches, a leg kick which dropped his opponent, and a takedown that lead to the mount position. After two rounds of slugging it out, one judge gave the fight to Tirso and the other two called it a draw - so the match was ruled a majority draw. We are very proud of Tirso who fought with all of his heart against a very game and tough opponent. Tirso's record remains undefeated at 1-0-1.

FFA has been sort of quiet as of late because we have been undergoing a HUGE renovation job at the main gym for the past six months or so. The renovations are almost finished and in about two months should be completely done. Pictures and a full report will be available soon!

And I'm also getting married next weekend :) Rima (forum member ravishing) and I are tieing the knot in Ottawa, Canada on Saturday!

The week after that, on May 13, I will be grappling Kurt Pelegrino in a superfight at Grappler's Quest.

On May 27, FFA brown belt Enrico Cocco will be grappling in an 8-man invitational grappling tournament hosted by Renato Tavares that will include some very big name black belts.

Last bit of news... this past weekend, while our kickboxing coach Eric "El Tigre" Castanos was out of town, we got a key and went into his school with about twenty students and completely renovated his gym! The project was a collective effort of labor and donations between about fifty people. The students from the brother schools FFA and Young Tiger Gym were able to raise $4000 to buy brand new zebra mats for his whole gym, paint all the walls, paint a beautiful tiger on the wall, change the ceiling tiles, the bathroom, layout of the gym, etc. It was a complete overhaul - and he had no idea. He just got back a couple of days and was completely surprised and absolutely loved it. For those of you from the area that want to check it out, you can visit Tigre's gym on 56 ST and 102 Ave in Miami. Its on the second floor above the supermarket on that intersection. The Young Tiger gym is a direct affiliate with FFA and is ran by 3 time world kickboxing champion Eric "El Tigre" Castanos.

For more info, visit our website at . At the moment, the website is a bit outdated, part of the big renovation is the new website that is currently being contructed :)

Ok, thats the update! :)

Cubita had a great fight at the AFC.  He is one of the reasons I love to watch light guys fight (EXITEMENT)

Thanks Carlao, we always try to bring an exciting fight to the fans

Nice, Marcos... thx for the update.

Awesome news man.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

Thanks Joseph and Yves Jockstrap. With the team doing better than ever, the academy on the rise, and my upcoming marriage, this is the happiest I have ever been.

Spicoli, I think Enrico can tap out anyone. I think he possesses a good chance of winning the tournament and has my vote. I'm very excited about that 8-man!

Does David have any matches coming up?

Enrico is the real deal  for sure i cant wait to watch him compete in a tourney filled with older more seasoned grapplers.


Getting married to Marcos and training at FFA....I must be the luckiest girl in the world! ;)


Marco! COngrats on the wedding man!

ttt eh!

Congrats to Rima and Marcos!


Ronin MMA

congrats on the wedding

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Both fights were showstealers and doing that for Tigre is a wonderful thing. Can't think of a more deserving person to have a fantastic gym.

Congrats on the wedding and best of luck to Enrico, he certainly belongs in there with those guys.

Tremendous news!

Mark Hunter, David right now is gearing up for his MMA debut hopefully by winter of this year. He has been doing some tremendous stuff at the academy too, when everything is finished, there will be an official statement from the team.

ravishing, you are a cutie :)

Thanks ninjaturtle, crazyhook, illustrated man, Xader, Nelson, and Kirik for the good wishes! :)

can't wait to crash the wedding!!

"Thanks ninjaturtle, crazyhook, illustrated man, Xader, Nelson, and Kirik for the good wishes! "

love the thank you list lol. ttt

That's an incredibly cool thing to do for that guy's academy. You guys should do a reality show. Call it, "Pimp my Gym", or "Extreme Fighting Makeovers" or something.

Congrats on your school's and fighter's success and your impending marriage.


LOL @ crashing the wedding!

Thank you mikeblak. Honestly what we did for Tigre is nothing compared to all the things he has done for us.

Tigre is very humble and literally gives everything he has to his students. He runs a non-profit boxing club, the Young Tiger Foundation, for underprivileged kids and teens.

He is a former 3-time world champion kickboxer and he will stay after hours, often up until 10:45pm, to help a kid perfect his jab. He holds mitts for new guys and makes them feel like pros. After classes, he'll take everyone outside and run with them.

Besides being an awesome trainer and making everyone feel great, he also opens his home to his students and helps out a lot of students when they are in a jam. Of course, those are personal things I won't get into, but trust me, this guy is one of the nicest guys in the sport.

Tigre isn't wealthy, he literally lives for training and teaching, and his gym was a bit run down. It was a ghetto looking boxing gym, with a messed up ceiling, rotten mats, filthy walls with non-matching colors, dirty windows, etc. On top of that, no air conditioning :) So he went out of town for a week to coach one of his fighters at the Golden Gloves tournament, and that is when everyone did the renovation. Painted all the walls, fixed the ceiling, threw out all of the mats and changed them with brand new zebra mats, redesigned the layout of the gym, cleaned EVERYTHING, redid the bathrooms, etc. The gym looks GREAT! Still no air conditioning though, thats a trademark :) He hates A/C. Its still a tough gym!

One of the coolest things about the renovation was that one of our fighters, John Mangual, painted a huge tiger on the wall in the middle of the gym. It looks awesome and took him hours.

I'll post some before and after pics later. I video taped his reaction coming into the gym, I'll try to post that too ;)

And Ruffdog, thanks for posting on the thread ;)