Someone gave me this advice????

Just a couple of things to change up the routine and further the progress. First thing he said was to start heavy and go down in weight. To do like 5-7 reps at the hardest weight then drop 5-10 pounds for 3 more sets. This guy says he has a 10 day rotation, meaning he does one body part over the 10 days the starts over again. Previously I was doing the exact opposite starting light then going to heavy. He had a good point though saying "why do you want to waste all your fresh energy on light weights." Before I would work out 4 days a week, which I still do. But basically crunching everything into 2 days tues and thursday and then repeating on sat and sunday. Now i'm just doing 2 body parts a day, and only once a week. Is that enough????Any thoughts please. Thanks

Any variations in a routine that you have been using for awhile will result in change within you. That statement in and of itself is not particularly profound, however when you take into account the basic fact that muscles adapt to a stress over time then any change in that stress will result in a different adaptation within you.
Try this new way and keep a journal (if you don't already), then after a 2-3 months, try a new program. As you keep track of your wts lifted and changes in your body you will soon have information you can use to tailor your workouts for what is optimal for you at that time.
For instance if you are training for a sport and its off season, work on growth and explosiveness, as the season draws closer work on flexibility and fluidity in movement.
By often varying your workout you avoid getting stale, bored and help prevent injury.
This post is basically a long winded way of saying don't be afraid to experiment in the gym. It and you are the lab.