Something is changing around here and I like it

The general feel of the UG has been different these past weeks, especialy this week. For the better.


Virtual pat on the back to everyone (and VU's!)


-farts then leaves Phone Post 3.0

Right back atcha bud.

ShoreBreaker420 - -farts then leaves Phone Post 3.0


You get a VU too 



LAWD at that runner chick Phone Post 3.0

group hug?

LetiKraker -

Fap on!!! Phone Post 3.0

Thank Joe Rogan.

Kirik -

Thank Joe Rogan.

No, you do it. Not the boss of me Phone Post 3.0

I feel the positive vibes myself. I made a commitment to be more positive, and never duchey. There are a lot of good smart posters here who can be honest and funny without being an asshole. I also believe you have to have a medium thickness skin to be on here. I think that lets people say some real shit without others getting bent out of shape. Phone Post 3.0

The overall mood is better. Even the Diaz threads haven't degenerated into utter flame wars, which is unusual. Phone Post 3.0

Agreed, I'm seeing far less pissed off posts and more thought out/trying to be funny posts. Phone Post 3.0

Agreed Phone Post 3.0

I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down.

LetiKraker - 

Anyone see white crap flickering in the second GIF? i edited it with my other computer and it looked fine, Now on this computer I see this weird white stuff (yeah yea, insert jizz joke here). Just curious to know if its the GIF or me.




no white flickering here

but ive seen it on other gifs before

I see flickering, but still see ass so we are good. Name? Phone Post 3.0

Gratuitously negative threads are getting shot down "early and often" as Anik would say. Fucking Anik! :/ Phone Post 3.0

Good job to the mods & admin, definitely a lot less pointless negativity and trolling.