Sonnen: I will mow Silva down like autumn wheat

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                                Sonnen: I will mow Silva down like autumn wheat

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"Thank you, Anderson, for revealing yet another weakness for me to exploit in our rematch.

"Beating that poor punching bag doesn't impress Uncle Chael, guy. You tipped your hand like a chump poker player at a $5 table in Atlantic City.

"You may have beaten Vitor, but in the process, you LOST your edge. By beating that husk, you gave me the last page of your playbook. Revel in your time, it ENDS the night you face me. I will mow you down like autumn wheat, AGAIN."

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 As soon as he clears himself with the athletic commission and the federal government...


KneeToFaceKo -  yawn

 lol at this guy, didn't Silva take his best for 4-5 rounds, with jacked up ribs, and he still submitted him? 

5....4....until somebody comes on this thread and calls this 'great'.

Sure you will buddy. Phone Post

you would think a criminal conviction might humble this guy for a while..... apparently not

Trash talk is the only way for this guy to stay relevant. Though I did applaud his effort and great showing against Anderson....talking shit after losing is simply laughable. Phone Post

Chael is the only guy I care to see Anderson fight right now.

GSP-not really fair to make him balloon up to '85, he's a LEGEND at '70, why force him to move up?

I know he has mentioned putting on more mass etc, but he never seemed super enthused about moving up imo...

Okami-he deserves a crack, but I just don't see him winning that bout, yes he was able to take Anderson down in their first fight, but he was still losing that fight.

Any 205-er, unless he is going to be put into "the mix", whatever that really means, I just think a random fight against a gatekeeper at 205 isn't really a big draw.

the fact is Chael is the last man to give him a TRUE go of it, besting him for 4.5 rounds, no one else has even come close, arguably Hendo won the 1st round of their fight, but Chael bested that 4x over, that rematch needs to happen imo...

Carl Weathers - Chael who


Cyril Jeff - 
Carl Weathers - Chael who


 If only Chael could KO an opponent with those great strikes of his.

LOL at chael "explosive bacne" sonnen

LOL. Sure.


Jesus Kicked Me, This I Know - 
Cyril Jeff - 
Carl Weathers - Chael who


 If only Chael could KO an opponent with those great strikes of his.

 yeah, Dr. Carl Weathers did not seem to know S.S. Chael P. Sonnen...

 "We're gonna need a bigger 'roids..........."

 K-Dub, I expect the newbs to be on board with the whole, "the 'Oids is BAD, my favorite fighter would NEVER, EVER do the 'Oids!" but, you've been around too long to honestly believe that most guys haven't, at one point or another, been sauced to the gills... 

if i was silva, and they wanted me to fight chael again, I would pull a paulo Filho and miss weight..LOL

Monsters Ball - Chael is starting to sound desperate now, lol.