Sonnen: Jones/Rampage 'spygate' is ridiculous

The Notorious OMG - 
Cyril Jeff - like he did to founding Team Quest Member Dan "Hollywood Hendo" Henderson?

well, hendo has not been in team quest HQ in portland for quite some time, he's been doing his own thing for a good while

annnd, big fan of both guys but rampage beat dan everywhere that fight went for 3 or 4 out of the 5 rounds... that fight is probably the most under-appreciated true mixed martial arts title fights in the past few years. boxing, wrestling, scrambles, technical positioning... had it all

also, dan would knock both chael and lindland into next week these days, rampage would steal chael's ice cream sundae and make him him bring him a spoon with a smile
I don't even think Chael EATS ice cream sundaes, they sound pink shirted...