Soy superior to Whey

Soy protein has key nutritional qualities that support energy, stamina, and sports performance (better lean muscle mass, endurance and recovery time).(1-3)

Soy protein is rich in “branched-chain amino acids” which the body can burn as “fuel” to produce energy.

  • As a complete protein, soy helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

-Soy may help stimulate the release of certain anabolic hormones that promote muscle formation.

-Soy may help sustain endurance levels during exercise.

-Soy may help improve recovery time and reduce post-exercise fatigue.

-Soy helps support a healthy cardiovascular system (critical for exercising or an active lifestyle).

Evidence from recent clinical trials suggests that soy may have added exercise benefits compared to other protein sources, in particular whey protein (a popular protein among many athletes). Researchers from Ohio State University have just completed a study examining the effect of soy protein on muscle weight gain and “antioxidant status”.(4) A higher antioxidant status means that your body is able to better neutralize free radicals. Free radicals produced during exercise are harmful to muscle and other tissues.

In the study, men taking part in a weight training class were given protein bars containing either soy protein or whey protein (33 grams/day) for 9 weeks. The men consuming soy protein maintained a healthy antioxidant status, while the antioxidant status of men consuming whey protein actually worsened. By reducing free radical production during exercise, soy protein may help lessen muscle damage and fatigue. Both protein sources increased muscle mass of the men.

Another recent study tested the effects of soy protein and whey protein on “lipid peroxides” (higher levels are considered worse), in men performing moderate intensity, weight resistance exercise.(5) This study also compared soy to whey protein (men consumed 40 grams/day for 4 weeks prior to each exercise session). Lipid peroxide levels were reduced in the soy protein group as early as 5 minutes after the exercise session, while peroxide levels were not reduced until 24 hours after exercise in the whey protein group.

In summary, these new studies demonstrate that soy protein can help build muscle mass similar to more commonly used protein sources. However, soy protein provides the added benefit of reducing oxidative stress through the antioxidants naturally present in soy (isoflavones and saponins).

Numerous studies indicate that soy isoflavones may be responsible for soy’s antioxidant properties.(6) Isoflavones are not found in whey protein or other common protein sources. Revival’s patented natural concentration provides 160 milligrams of soy isoflavones in just 1 bar or shake (the amount found in 6 cups of a typical soymilk) giving you an easy and convenient way to enjoy the protein and antioxidants beneficial to any exercise program.

The first thing that comes to mind is that '' is probably not a very balanced source of information.

But they conduected a study!

Ya, they probly reviewed it too eye roll

damn free radicals are killing me.

hey, anyone get constipated from protein? How do i combat that?! I try to get all my nutrients from real food but sometimes I have to dip into the shakes.


C-Hamzeh are you getting enough fiber in your diet ? If not I'd raise the amount of fiber you're taking in

LeftBench is correct. Try getting some more fiber in the form of fruits and veggies. hehe

hmmm, the fiber eh? I always thought I got a lot, perhaps not.

So if youre constipated but eating a lot, where tf does it all go?? It just keep backing up?


ha, colon blow is bad for you i hear.


I'm thinkin about buying a shirt from them though :P

Soy is too effeminate.

Not really. Just that soy seems to be associated with the tofu anti-meat and dairy crowd who are mostly just looking for attention.

On LoveLines about a year ago, I heard Dr. Drew tell a vegetarian kid (whose 17 year old body seemed reluctant to hit puberty) that too much soy in his diet was most likely causing his body to produce excess estrogen - leading to more feminine characteristics.

I need all the testosterone I can get these days, so no soy for me. And Dr. Drew wouldn't lie to me!

soy = your penis falls off

Soy sucks. For me and just about every other guy
in the gym it causes diarreah. Milk and egg protein
is great, Whey is fine. Many, many people cannot
digest soy.