BJJ Forum member Sugarfoot recently suggested we come up with a new color for the screen names of BJJ black belts. There was a long thread about same, but I started a new one to make sure I am not missing anyone.

The UG BJJ BB account shows your name, that you are a black belt, and links to your gym url. To set the name please send the following info:

1. Your real name and your UG screen name. Your UG screen name wil become your real name. If you have a nickname that you go by in the community, that too is great. If you are particularly attached to your screen name, it can stay provided your real name is in your account.

2. A compelling online reference to your rank. (Could be your site, images on your Facebook, etc). If there is nothing online about you, I am not suggesting that your rank is not legit. It does however mean that I can't verify it.

3. The name and url of your gym. Could be the gym you teach at, or the gym from which you received your black belt. Note, urls for 2 and 3 could be the same

4. Your city and state/province/country. This too will go on your public display. .

5. Your lineage, which will be kept on file. If you don't know your lineage, I am not suggesting that your rank is not legit, but it does mean that I can't verify it.

I mean no disrespect in asking for these question, and am not suggesting that I am some authority as to whether someone's rank is legit. I am just trying to allow people who have given so much to the sport to have some due recognition if they post here.

Anyone interested is invited to email at your convenience.