SpeedExperts Program testimonial

Here us a testimonial from a guy that followed my 30-day speed program in the The Speed Experts e-book:

Results after Mike Mahler's 30-day speed program
From: ssj-Sean
Subject: Fitness
Date/Time 2003-12-27 02:59:46
Remote IP:

Finished on the 23rd and tested on Christmas day. The first number is the old time and the second is the new.

40-yard dash: 5.5-5.28
100-yard dash: 12.5-12.37
Pro agility run*: 5.0-4.69

I had pretty much been burned out with training, and this is exactly what I needed to motivate me. Yeah, I know my times still aren't great but they're improvements.

Thanks for reading.

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Progress is Progress!

Im on the list for the free samples and they are all good routines to give a taster. I hope to get the ebook in the New Year when I have some money (Damn Christmas :))


Sounds good Beev!

Mike Mahler