Spegil,Spegil,Spegil is mynew idle

Man that fight in Hull, Was off the chain. I haven't seen so much heart in a long time man. It was funny he was talking so much shit to everyone about anything that the people who didn't know him were kind of turned off. But when he came out and had the 6'3 Muay thai guy covering on his feet eveyone got behind him!!!!

He has more heart than the organ donor!!!!!

Nuri( I stole that saying)!!!

I agree , I think Jerry did what he needed to win the fight ! no quit in Jerry !

Nuri ,all I can say is You were Awesome !
Can't wait to see you fight again!


Jerry fought for the VFC lightheavyweight championship against Jason
Brilz, right off the bat Brilz broke Spegil's rib with a knee. He hung in
for two rounds fighting an A game wrestler (he is the heavyweight
coach for the university of Nebraska) with a broken rib! Finally the ref
had to call the match.

Afterward his brother and him were out pimpin women at the bar,
when I talked to him he said that he knew that it was broken from
about 30 seconds into the fight, but he didnt come all the way down
just to tap out! Tons of heart....Nuf said.

jerry spiegel is da man!

guy will fight anyone, anywhere, on 2 minutes notice and fight like a warrior.

simply put, the guy just likes to fight.

Jerry impressed the hell out of our whole team. Nothing but respect for him.


Ronin MMA

ttt and agree!

thanks I love this shit everyone should spend more time writing good things about me. So many good stories at freedom fights I wouldent know where to start.John clark dont need booze to be hilarious.plil baroni is funny but in a different way.dan henderson was an asshole and kept giving me funny looks and i almost had to smack him. I made some really cool friends including pete the promoter,s kids. the only people in the venue that were clapping when i came out.Me and nuri bonded.apparently he likes it when men touch him alot.Especially soft ear rubbing.If you ever meet nuri be sure to rub his ear gently.


Is Jerry actually training before his fights now?

If so, he might be dangerous.

LOL...congrats Jerry.

jerry does train 12 oz curls !

And I did notice Nuri seemed to like his ears touched

chris are you down for some traing at applebees today i do fight friday and im thirsty

Yeah after class ? I am game ! Anything i can do to help you prepare !

I hope they caught Jerry's back flip out of the ring after the fight on tape for the dvd !

Great job man. I already talked to you, but its great hearing about this all over again.

Jeryy where r u at Feb 25th

Nuri is a bad bad man... and a nice guy.... how the fuck does that work lol

im fighting KOTC on feb 17.SO i cant commit but if bob needs me he knows ill be ready.

You guys are funny, And thanx for the big ups. The event was off the chain. Even though that stand up was suspect. But ALL in all I had fun.

And if anyone touches my ears I will kill you.

Gotta love a guy who is notorious for taking a beating well! Congrats on the almost win Jerry, you crazy drunk bastard.

Spegil's liver is my new idle.