Spencer Fisher

Congrats, You looked great tonight. Best I think I have ever seen of you. Awesome job!

Hope to see you and Joe fight eventually.

Agreed! WOW! great performance by Spencer indeed! Actually...Great performance by both guys!.

very awesome performance

yeah, great fight...

makes me wish all fights were 5 rounds...

and yeah... great attitude as well...

awesome performance.

He looked great, pretty much picked Stout apart

He did look good.

awesome fight

I'm a fan. Great, great fight.

Great fight, great win for Spencer. Congratulations to both fighters!

great fight, fisher's striking looked amazing!

spencer was great but he thought it was a draw lol

great chin on Stout, dissapointed he couldn't mount more offense.

I second that comment about Stout's chin. He got hit very hard quite a few times. I'm sure he will be back in no time.

Great fight...I rteally think Spencer proved his point byt the beginning of the 3rd and should have just taken him down and submitted him.

Creepy Joe can & will take Spencer out big time!

Stout was as game as they come, and did his part for ensuring a great main event. haters need to venture in to highway traffic and take Rogan with them.

Spencer put on a clinic tonight.

Actually, Spencer's face didn't look that great tonight but his fighting did. Congrats on the win. And now a match-up with Creepy is a must.

Well done Spencer.