Spezza and Staal=Team Canada

Spezza and Staal need to be on Team Canada. Draper and Doan can sit.


Spezza is a one dimensional choker that the team can do without, Staal could be ok. Doan/and draper types fill their puropse and certainly belonged to the last world cup where they played very well.

I believe guy's like Spezza and Staal are the future of Team Canada and definitely belong on this Team.

I hope spezza and rest of those Senaturds come up lame and develop a bad dose of ghonorrea

Wellwood would be a better choice than Spezza.

furthermore we are playing to win, not to give these guys a taste of the future.

WC17,I wasn't aware that you smoke crack?

Randy, WC17 is NOT smoking crack. In fact he is a well known hockey personality, and voted "Best non mod member" of the hockey forum just this past week.

He knows his stuff.

I know he doesn't like me telling you this, but he's the guy responsible for saving Clint Malarchuks life when he took that skate to the neck years ago.

WC17 held the gaping wound closed on the ride to the hospital.

Spezza is a fine player, but can sit this one out.

As mentioned... the guys like Doan, Draper, Peca... can add an important ingredient that Spezza cannot.

Numbers dont lie guys, Spezza is having an amazing year and deserves to be on the team, along with Staal. If Canada wants to be a force in the tourney they should be taking these guys.

If you add Doan, Draper and Peca's points together they don't add up to what Spezza has this year. He deserves a spot for sure.

When will people realize that hockey is not about scoring as many goals as you can?

Hockey is about scoring more goals than you allow, which is why Peca, Doan, Draper, Regehr, Hannan, etc were picked previously.

Gary Mac is correct.

well, we'll find out shortly who the "crackers" are on this thread


will McCabe make the team and should he? Discuss.

OK, I say....

Simon Gagne, Dany Heatley, Jarome Iginla, Vincent Lecavalier, Brad Richards, Joe Sakic, Todd Bertuzzi, Shane Doan, Kris Draper, Rick Nash, (John Madden or Brendan Morrow), Martin St. Louis, and Joe Thornton

Rob Blake, Ed Jovanovski, Scott Niedermayer, Chris Pronger, Wade Redden, Bryan McCabe and Robyn Regehr

Martin Brodeur, Roberto Luongo, and Marty Turco

wow! we cant lose with that team. Im getting excited for the olympics.

No crosby?

The time for Crosby, Spezza, Staal, etc is not now. IMO

crap... I forgot about Nash! Sorry Kariya, I think you're done.