Sportfight Frightnight - Oct 23rd!

Sportfight 7: Frightnight October 23rd!

Sportfight returns to the Dome on October 23rd with the best card yet, as Ed “Shortfuse” Herman takes on UFC vet and Canadian MMA sensation Joe Doerkson in the main event! Matchmaker Alexander Oxendine has outdone himself with the most complete card Oregon has ever seen. Frightnight will live up to its name, as a freakish assembly of the world’s toughest fighters battle for supremacy in the “Terror Dome.”

The matchup between Herman and Doerkson is a much anticipated opportunity for Herman to avenge teammate Chris “Light Out” Leben’s only loss. Leben lost by decision to Doerkson earlier this year, in what was described by as “The best MMA fight ever.” Doerkson is coming off his first loss in over two years, suffered at the hands of Joe “Diesel” Riggs, and will be looking to make a strong showing. Herman is one of the fastest rising stars at Team Quest, and is 6-1 since making his pro debut earlier this year. Since that time he has fought all comers, and has victories over some very tough opponents such as Brian Ebersole and Jacen “The Sin” Flynn. Herman has dominated all his opponents this year; even in his sole loss he was dominant before a mistake led to him being choked unconscious. Doerkson will be the most high-profile fight for Herman yet, so we can expect he will be in top shape.

Joining Herman and Doerkson as co-main event, UFC veteran Dennis “Superman” Hallman will face off with kickboxer Landon “The Show” Showalter. Hallman is perhaps best known for armbarring Matt Hughes in the UFC in less than a minute, and has recently moved up in weight class to middleweight. He beat Mike Seal at Sportfight Battleground: Reno in September. Sportfight fans will remember Landon Showalter from his epic main event battle with Chris “Lights Out” Leben that left both fighters bloody after three rounds and an overtime round. Showalter also has a submission win over Drew Fickett, who beat Hallman in King of the Cage last year.

In a lightweight title fight months in the making, “The Piranha” Dennis Davis will defend his belt against BJJ brown belt Trevor Burnell. Burnell earned the right to compete for the strap by beating Dave Cochran at Sportfight: Stadium in August, and immediately made the fight more interesting by calling Davis “the fish” in a public call-out. Davis, one of the most popular fighters in Oregon, is coming off a first minute submission win over LW champ Donnie Raines in Utah’s Cagefighting Championships.

The battle to establish the next #1 lightweight contender continues with two more big matchups, as bruiser Dave Cochran takes on undefeated grappling specialist Cam Ward, and Paul “The Apostle” Morris faces kickboxer Chad Nelson. Cochran has had trouble when his fights have gone to the mat quick, but he is also responsible for some of the most exciting knockouts in Sportfight, including a five-second KO over previously undefeated Canadian Lem Smith. Ward has impressive wins in Sportfight over slugger Chris Wilson and a knee bar victory over Pedro Castaneda. Morris is coming off a win he earned in impressive fashion after a war with Enoch Wilson. Chad Nelson has been clamoring for a rematch with “The Piranha” since being knocked out by him two years ago. He holds the amateur belt from the FCFF, which he earned by knocking out the very tough Jon Gunderson.

The pro card is rounded off by Art Santore facing off with Justin Davis, and Buck Meredith taking on David Banks. Both Santore and Meredith train with Pride fighting phenomenom “Dangerous Dan” Henderson, and are veterans of Pancrase and King of the Cage.

Highlights of the talent-laden amateur card include Bristol Murunde vs. Shaun Caitlin, Eddie Blackburn vs. JD Stanley, and a very promising matchup between featherweight toughies Ian Loveland and JT Horner. Both Loveland and Horner are undefeated and have shown the incredible toughness it takes to be successful pros someday.

An explosive card packed with some of the toughest fighters in the world guarantees that with “Frightnight” Sportfight will continue to set the standard for MMA in the Pacific Northwest. The Sportfight crew, including MMA icons Matt “The Law” Lindland and Randy “The Natural” Couture are dedicated to ensure that Sportfight keeps its reputation as “The Ultimate in One on One Combat”™. Tickets can be purchased at To discuss this card and other Team Quest related news, log on to Ring Girl’s Team Quest website at!


No Light Heavyweight PRO title on the line?


If Herman has the typical TQ fighting style I think Doerkson will matchup well against him. It's only been the guys the A+ standup game that Joe's had some difficulty with. If Joe has enough confidence to stand with Herman then all the pieces of the puzzle will come together for him.

Don't forget, Joe was on a ridiculous winning streak and was the favorite going into that Riggs fight. He's the big favorite in this fight too.

All these fights should be off the hook!!! I can not wait!!


Here's the complete card!

Sportfight 7: Frightnight October 23rd!

SF 7 Complete Card
MW --Joe Doerksen V Ed Herman
MW --Landon Showalter V Dennis Hallman
LHW --Art Santore V Justin Davis
LW Championship -- Trevor Burnell V Dennis Davis
LW -- Dave Cochran V Cam Ward
WW -- Buck Meredith V David Banks
LW -- Paul Morris V Chad Nelson

Bristol Marunde V Shaun Catlin
JT Horner V Ian Loveland
Ron Hamilton V Rick Stuber
Eddie Blackburn V JD Stanley
Donovan Evans V Sebastion
Austin Ward V Otis Petit


Im pulling for El Dirte, good luck Joe, that will be a great fight.

Antico, what exactly do you mean by 'the typical TQ fighting style'? Seriously, pretty much everyone on TQ has a different fighting style so I'm kinda stumped as to where you're going with that.


lol Leben is not typical, Herman is not typical, Davis is not typical, in fact.. almost none of the younger guys at Team Quest are wrestling based fighters.

Leben is a slugger/brawler with legit sub skills too.

Herman is an overly aggressive guy with very good all around skills. (He was tooth and nail with the highly touted Misaki in Pancrase very recently, and trounced Brian Ebersole as well .. so I really doubt Joe will have anywhere near an easy time with Ed)

Davis seems to be primarily a submission guy.

Horwich is totally a submission grappler.

Schultz is a wrestler, but one who much prefers to slug it out ... rather than to go for TDs or clinches.

Quarry is very well rounded, with solid stand up skills.

Burkman may be the only one of the newer guys that even remotely falls into the wrestling based fighting style.


BTW, I am going with Herman to upset Doerkson via a late stoppage.

IMO, Doerkson gets a little timid when he cannot dictate the pace of a fight, and Ed will be all over him. I'm not being critical here, it's just the truth.

Look at all of Joe's previous losses ... they were to guys that jumped on him from the get go, and didn't allow him to set the pace of the fight. (ie: Inoue, Hughes, Riggs, etc..)

Doerksen will knock Herman's head into the 17th row.


Ed by KO(flying knee)

Dennis by KO(strikes from the clinch)

Good Luck to my boy Dennis Hallman and also for a comeback win for Joe Dirte

Nice...except Leben needs to figure out a different nickname...Come on now...Chris "Lights out" Lytle.

Herewe go again! Another KICK-ASS fight card from the Sport Fight crew. Way to go Alex. Keep up the fine work.

Doerksen by brutal ass beating.

"Doerksen by brutal ass beating"

"Doerksen will knock Herman's head into the 17th row."

lol These guys are very obviously friends of Joe's, either that ... or they have no clue who Ed is, how good he is, and have never even seen him fight?

Doerkson may win, but no way in hell it will be easy, and I KNOW Ed is the tougher guy, no doubt in my mind at all.