Sportfight results + pics

This is to the best of my memory, which isn't always perfect. But I at least know I got the right winner in each fight.

JD Stanley def Buck Tiland, r1: Stanley pretty much took Buck down and had his way with him. I beleive it was a stoppage or tapout due to ground n pound.

Ian Loveland def Ralf Alarcon, r3, rear naked choke: Gutsy performance by both guys, especially Ian who had to make the comeback win as I had Ralf winning both of the first 2 rounds. Ian got the jump and dominated early, but Ralf came back in the 2nd half of the round and Ian was saved by the bell as he was stuck in a triangle. R2 was all Ralf as Ian was on defense pretty much the whole time defending subs, Ralf almost had a couple of them. R3 as I recall was back and forth, with Ian able to get Ralf's back and sink in the rear naked in the closing seconds of the fight. Great first fight for both guys.

Brandon Melendez def Damien Douglas, r1 KO: an impressive win for Melendez who punched Douglas out standing up. Douglas was wild and fun to watch, he came out with several high kicks and was swinging back even though Melendez was rocking him. The finish looked somewhat like Baroni-Menne with Melendez landing clean, unanswered shots with both fists flying as Douglas was stuck in the corner.

Brandon Mihaljcic def Jim Pope, r1 tko gnp: Brandon quickly got Pope to the mat and was in full control. He either got him mounted or backmounted, maybe both, but within seconds he was raining down the punches and Pope tapped out. It was only about 30 seconds.

David Brown def Rob Criswell, r1 gnp tko: In my mind this was the shocker of the night as Criswell looked very impressive the first time I saw him, upsetting Ryan Monda by KO. Criswell came out swinging wildly, but it was Brown who landed the cleaner shots. They then went to the ground and Brown was able to mount Criswell and punch his head in. It was a ref stoppage that Criswell was unhappy with, and he did seem to be ok but he also seemed unable to defend the barrage. My buddy said he saw Criswell afterward and his face was a mess.

Dave Cochran def Len Smith, r1 KO: I lied, this may have been the shocker of the night too. Smith had his own highlight reel and looked pretty impressive, but Cochran came out on fire, both guys came together swinging and BAM, down goes Smith, fight over. I've heard this isn't Cochran's only quick KO win recently.

Hank Weiss def Troy O'Connor, r1 tko gnp: This was a very contraversial fight. Weiss was able to get O'Connor down, mount him, and land several shots. However, O'Connor seemed unphased despite the fact that Weiss threw n for about a minute. Then finally Weiss broke through the guard and really rocked O'Conner, and for a split second O'Connor looked to be out as he went flat on his back with arms spread...but he quickly popped up and wrapped his arms around Weiss and seemed safe from danger, and THAT'S when the fight was stopped. I can see both sides of the argument here...I don't feel it was a horrible stoppage, but I do think that if the ref was going to stop it, he should have stopped it a few seconds earleir when O'Connor appeared to be it was, he waited until O'Connor righted himself and then stopped the fight, and that looked bad.


Scott Smith def Chillo Gonzales, r1 tko gnp: Seems like a common theme, lots of fights ending with gnp. Smith was impressive. Chillo can't catch a break, he looked pretty good tonight and he looked good last time as well, but came up short both times. Not much to say here other than that Smith was able to get Chillo down and land shots at will. Chillo had his moments early but Smith was too much.

Kyacey Uscola def Wrecck, r1 KO gnp: From here on out it was harder for me to pay attention to the fights because I was also playing cameraman, but here's how I recall it going expected, these two came out throwing heavy leather. I'm not talking sit back and box, I'm talking Don Frye vs Takayama, go in and throw haymakers...both guys seemed to land big, both guys seemed rocked early...then they went to the mat, and Uscola used the momentum of the tumble to throw Wrecck out of the ring. They restarted in center, and came in swinging wildly again, Wrecck landed a hard shot that rocked Uscola, but then Uscola came right back really punishing Wrecck with a couple haymakers...Wrecck, perhaps in desperation, appeared to try to throw Uscola, but only succeeded in pulling him down right on top of him. Uscola then sat up and landing several hard shots. Wrecck was down for a few minutes, he took some heavy shots. This was action packed as expected.

Ed Herman def Jason Flynn, r2 armbar: This was the fight of the night. Man oh man did these 2 guys put on a show! Herman had to dig down deep for this one...throughout both rounds, both guys battled back and forth with many sub attempts, and landed punched in between whenever they could. Both guys were working at an amazing pace, showing tremendous submission skills as well as sub defense. This was a big step up in competition for Herman and he proved that he was ready, finally securing an armbar in the 2nd round (I think, might've been the 3rd...either way it was a terrific action fight.)

Chris Leben def Justin Davis, r1 KO: Leben dropped Davis cleanly with a punch almost right off the bat, then followed him down...Davis did a good job regaining his senses and defending as Leben wasn't really able to do much damage from the top and the ref restarted them. Leben again punished Davis with hard punches, but this time put him away. Davis simply seemed outclassed, as last minute replacements often do. Yet another impressive win for Leben, this kid is on a tear.

Glover Texiera def Matt Horwich, unanimous decision: I had a feeling from the start that Glover might be a bad matchup for Horwich. Horwich so far has made a name for himself locally as being able to take the big time punishment standing, but eventually clinch up, get the fight to the mat, and sub out whatever musclehead he happens to be fighting that night. But Texiera is more of a groundfighter himself. The fight still looked more or less like Horwich's other fights, except that Glover was well versed on the ground and able to avoid all of Horwich's sub attempts. For the most part, the fight went like this...Glover would land heavy knees and some punches standing, Horwich would eventually get the fight to the ground whether by pulling guard or getting a takedown...Horwich would then try for submissions, Glover would lay and pray, avoiding the subs. Ref would stand them up due to inactivity, repeat. Because Glover landed quite a few shots throughout the fight on the feet, and because he had top position for most of the fight, he rightfully earned the unanimous decision. But Horwich didn't lose any fans even in a losing effort, he never gave up and kept trying submissions throughout the fight.

As always, a great card put on by Lindland, Couture and company! I look forward to each event even more than the last! Some big surprises tonight as some new names make waves in the local fight scene.

Pictures of the last 4 fights coming in a few minutes...

Uscola vs Wrecck

Herman vs Flynn

Leben vs Davis

Texiera vs Horwich and post-event

and finally, I have no idea what happened to this picture, this is an example of me not knowing anything about my camera. But it's kinda cool somehow:


Chuck and Randy? wtff?

Thanks for the coverage Bradu, it's definately much appreciated here.

"Scott Smith def Chillo Gonzales, r1 tko gnp: Seems like a common theme, lots of fights ending with gnp. Smith was impressive. Chillo can't catch a break, he looked pretty good tonight and he looked good last time as well, but came up short both times. Not much to say here other than that Smith was able to get Chillo down and land shots at will. Chillo had his moments early but Smith was too much."

Was this the Scott Smith from the Sacramento BJJ school? He typically fights in Gladiator Challenge, if it's the same one. Boy, Chilo just cannot catch a break. He's obviously talented ... but has lost his last two in the first round after a competitive scramble.

SportFight really seems like it has a nice future, and I hope it continues to grow!

thanks bradu!

has the date for the next event been set? i'm coming up to check the next one out. would be cool if they'd have an event down in salem or eugene one of these days.

Salem could be prime. Middle of the valley and we have the armory which would be a nice venue.

The next SportFight is set for June 26th - same location as this one, I believe.

some of the pics are pretty dark, but good nonetheless, seems like a great event. ttt for randy and the law, and the iceman!

Nice pics!

Congrats to Glover Teixeira. The kid has a real future in this sport. Remember the name, he is going a long way!


Thanks for the coverage. I appreciate it immensely. Sounds like Sportfight is growing leaps and bounds!

I still have your idea on my plate--just trying to work out logistics with editor.


Commiserations to Matt Horwich, that guy trains all day he never leaves the gym!

Chuck and Randy in the same picture, ttt for the sportsmanship of these two athletes.

Just because 2 people fight doesn't mean they hate each other...Chuck and Randy both showed utmost respect for each other before the fight and said in the interviews that they were friends, I don't think their fight changed that.

Scott Smith was listed as being from Sacramento, so I'm sure it's the same dude.

For the record I am far from a professional photographer...I'm just a fan who tries to get some good pictures when I can. I don't even know how to use my own camera really, I just try to find some settings that give a decent, clear picture. For the last couple fights I was able to get right in there and get some good closeups so I got some better pictures than I thought I would.

good job dude. great event.

Bradu...Ralph, and Glover are Pit guys...can you please Email me pictures of both of there fights.