Sprawl shorts, worth the $$?

Do they last a while? Is it just cheaper to keep buying $10 jobbers that last a few weeks.

I have three Sprawl shorts now, the two oldest ones have started tearing in the seam in the crouch not sure if they have or their earlier shorts had a weak point there. They have however, lasted pretty long I think they are almost a year. I still use my old ones on practice even if they have started to tear, probably have to buy one or two new in a few months if my newest one starts to tear, do not want to fight in torn shorts. But they are very good shorts.

Sprawl shorts last a LONG time. My first pair lasted over a year and a half wearing them 5 times a week for 2 hours at a time. WELL worth the money, and its nice knowing they are going to last and not needing to run out and grab another cheap pair of shorts.

WELL worth the money. The grappling tops are great too, no more stretched or torn t-shirts.

i don't know how often this comes up, but yes there freaking worth it. best pair of grappling shorts you'll ever own and if they ever rip or tear, talk to them, because they have the best customer service out there.

Oh yeah, and I was using them all the time, they are well worth it.

best grappling shorts on the market..


Look for them on BANG! Ludwig when he faces BJ Penn in K-1 ROMANEX May 22nd.

I like to train in them.

thank you, I am sold. *goes to Sprawl website, orders 1 pair of black shorts*

well they are on back order anyways but I got a $5.00 discount.

they are worth the money if your the kind of fella who neesd to buy "grappling shorts..."

definitely worth the money.SPRAWL rules and they give back alot to the sport.

ttt for sprawl ... THE BEST SHORTS EVA!!!!!

If anybody is interested they are out of stock till 5/13 and are giving $5 off.


You can get the same shorts at Old Navy.For 1/6 of the price.


You can get the same shorts at Old Navy.For 1/6 of the priceAnd they'll rip in no time.

LOL @ Old Navy having the same shorts as Sprawl... obviously, you dont have a clue.

Well worth the money.

OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh.Anyway board shorts are board shorts.No matter who promotes them Sissy grappler or Farrah Fawcett.Going by the last UFC It looks Sprawl shorts are alittle bit too loose fitting ala Hermes Franca fight.


I have been training in Old Navy board shorts for over 2 years..I have yet to have a pair rip on me in training..the most I ever spent on a pair was $16..sometimes you get them for $10 is on sale