Spring Camp 2006 update!

SBGi's 11th annual Spring Camp!
Spring Camp 2006 is coming soon!

Date: March 24th – 26th (Friday - Sunday)

Location: Portland OR (at the newly re-modeled Oregon Gyms!)


Friday March 24th: 6-9pm Special training session at the PDX Gym, along With a business meeting for ATG leaders and SBGi Gym owners.

Saturday & Sunday March 25th & 26th: Training from 10am - 5pm with a lunch break.

This camp will be taught with the same session as some previous Camps. Students will break up into smaller groups for a better student to teacher ratio, and everyone will have a chance to participate in ALL sessions. As well as several sessions where the whole group works together.

On schedule for Saturday & Sunday. SBGi President Matt Thornton will be covering his Guard Surfing and new Clinch Surfing drills (clinch surfing for no-gi, gi, and MMA) as warm up sessions at the Camp. For those of You who missed Oct Camp this will be a must see. And for those who attended Fall Camp you will note a few changes, and additions made in this one Hour Session.

This will be followed by instructional pieces featuring SBGi VP & BJJ BB Luis, who will be working his clinch with cloth material for the first time ever at Camp.

SBGi Coach and BJJ BB Tom Oberhue will be sharing his latest BJJ innovations. And SBGi Coach and BJJ BB Michael Chapman will be teaching some of the Jits with hits drills he has been using to help prepare our local MMA athletes. And in addition to these Camp regulars will be sessions featuring some of SBGi's best kept secrets With Eric Hemphield, one of the best BJJ players, and Instructors in the entire Org.

In addition we will be announcing in the next few weeks some very SPECIAL GUEST COACHES. . . .trust me, these sessions will be AWESOME, and a first for any SBGi camp!

Saturday evening at 8:30 pm SBGi dinner banquet and awards ceremony will be held. Location to be announced at Camp. This dinner will be open to all SBGi members and Camp attendees.

The Coaches on schedule: 4 BJJ Blackbelts, and at least 8 world class Coaches, plus More special guest Coaches!!

Camp prices:

Pre-registration by march 5th at latest:

Fri-Sat-Sun = 185. SBGi members / 255. non members

One day rate = 125. SBGi members / 225. non members

SPACE WILL BE LIMITED! Register NOW by calling Tonie Toll Free at:

1-888-888-2850 or 503-230-7924

Discount hotel rates available. Contact Tonie for Sign up now!

Online registration will be available shortly. . .


Please bring gi top to the clinch with cloth class as well as a couple of
long sleeve t-shirts you don't mind getting rid of.

We will be working plenty of "dirty judo" with the jacket and regular t-
shirts as well as some cool chokes off of off balancing and strikes.

Going to be good fun!


Great! Im sure its going to be a lot of fun!

Somone has to be first to ask, will you be putting the Camp on DVD? in the UK, I never get the chance to attend the camps but would love to see the material presented at each camp!

SBGi Spring Camp 2004 is one of my most regular watched sets of DVD's!


This should be awesome. Luis' clinch with cloth material rules! Not only is it highly functional, it's a lot of fun to train.

Don't miss out.


Clinch surfing drills! Wow sounds interesting.

Matt could you tell us a little more about this? Was it developed from Karls anti-clinch game?

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A couple new updates:

1- We will be announcing all our guest instructors in the next week or so. But we just confirmed that SBGi UK Director Karl Tanswell will be there, so look for some great new material from Karl!

2- Looks like we will have people from places as far as Sweden, Iceland, Africa, and all over Canada, so this may be a very large camp. We are hosting this camp for the first time in our newly remodeled Gym here in OR, so space will be limited. I would strongly suggest pre-registration very soon. We have already had quite a few people pre-reg so far. Once we hit the attendence limit we will close registration.

See you there : )


The clinch surfing drill is a lot like guard surfing. It is a call out drill that places emphasis on all the core fundamentals of clinch. . .we will use clinch surfing and guard surfing as warm ups at Camp. That way everyone who was unable to attend the fall Camp last Oct will get a chance to see what we have been doing.

We have just confirmed three other Coaches at Camp that will be teaching segments over the weekend:
The first is Eric Jetton. As a collegiate wrestler for the University of Wisconsin, Eric earned All-American honors three times with 115 collegiate wins and a winning percentage .865!

Eric has been a part of SBG Beaverton for over two years now. Aside from his great athleticism and wrestling background, Eric is a fantastic coach and an extremely positive influence in the gym. He does a great job of combining his wrestling knowledge with his study of jiu-jitsu. He has a purple belt in BJJ. Needless to say Eric has become known as one of the most technical wrestlers you will ever find. And we are all really looking forward to his section on takedowns, and clinch work. Eric's wrestling skills are nothing short of masterful.

The second Coach is Eric Hemphill. Eric has been with SBGi now for over 10 years, but he may be one of our best kept secrets. Eric is a dynamic grappler who is always looking to grow his game and add more depth to his repertoire. Anyone who has wrestled Eric know that they are in for a ride - he is fluid, mobile, and assertive with his finishes. Additionally, Eric is a great coach. He holds a brown belt in BJJ, and recently moved back to Oregon from Hawaii. Pound for pound Eric is certainly one of the top BJJ players in our entire Organization, and his section at Camp will be a must see.

Last but not least is SBGi Boston Coach Steve Whittier. Steve taught a great segment on guard passing at last Spring camp, and we are all looking forward to what he will be bringing to the table for this event. He holds a brown belt in BJJ, and is a coach with SBGi. A highly technical, articulate, and intelligent Coach that we all learn from everytime he teaches a class.

So on deck teaching at this camp will be:

Luis Gutierrez, Tom Oberhue, Michael Chapman, Eric Jetton, Eric Hemphill, Steve Whittier, Karl Tanswell, and Matt Thornton.

  • Plus many more SBGi Coaches and Instructors from all around the world, training, contributing, and enjoying the vibe

See you there


I will be there! : )

Our tickets are booked too!

Pic of Fernando training for camp

Fernando, looking forward to seeing you again. Everyone misses you at PDX.

Looks like Jonathan will be heading up with me and maybe Leo so far.



I am going also!

That pic of "Fernando" is priceless.

Missing his tats, plus Fernando was in much better shape.

Less than 2 weeks!