what is a good amount of weight to sqaut for your body weight? thx.

what is a good amount of weight to sqaut for your body weight? thx.

Depends how the squat is done. There are huge differences between a
good squat and what most people would call a good squat.

Also if anyone knows the standard (for someone who doesn't do it yet) deadlift max with good form. thanks

im starting to worry about noobie. Its being a daily thing where he makes threads like this. I hope you take the time to really educate yourself about lifting or have someone there to teach you.

It's all relative Noobie, there's no set answer to that question.

However much you can do with good form. Start with your BW as a goal. When you can do that with perfect form shoot for BW + 1/2 ect.

I've seen some Old School authors claim numbers like 2xBW and such - good luck with all that

thanks for the responses.

fiat, i actually do , do alot of research on things, but i find that what you may read may not neccesarily be what works. i find that people that have had first had experiences tend to be more truthful. hearing it from the horses mouth, to to speak.

I have a squatting question.

Today at the gym I did 12 reps with my BW + 10lbs, and almost passed out. Note this is light for me, I usually max close to 1.5 BW. I couldn't beleive it, I was very close to blacking out.

I often get a head rush from squatting, why is this? Is all the blood rushing to my legs? or am I compressing my kneck when I look up? cutting off circulation.

Franklyn- Are you holding your breath?

Also, in my experience, doing squats over 10 reps is an entirely different story that doing them 5 or under. Endurance in strange places becomes the limiting factor, and breathing gets very hard.

jonwell- I'm not sure, I usually exhale when I put weight up, but I may getting complaicent with the smaller weight.

5 reps eh, I never do less than 8, I don't like putting big weight on my lower back. My legs can handle more weight than i'm willing to chance on my lower back, I really don't want a back injury.

What's the best alternative to squatting?

preferably trap bar deadlifting, conventional deadlifting is good too.