St.-Pierre to fight at UFC 46!!!

St-Pierre will now face Karo Parisyan at UFC 46 after his win against Pete Spratt at TKO!


Congrats to Geroge, can't wait to see him in the cage


Serious as pissing on an electric fence my corrupt money laundering friend...


good stuff

Now JHR, as your creative money re-allocation management co-ordinator, I feel that it's up to me to put a positive spin on your financial solvency.

I was born in Ilderton Ontario. As an old farm boy, I actually do know how serious it is to piss on an electric fence.

TTT! Go St. Pierre!

Dougie®, as a fellow small town farmboy myself...I appreciate your understanding of the seriousness involved in the pissing on of electric fences. I still get that special tingle everytime I pee outside. Given the fact I now live in a subdivsion, that tingle could be from my neighbours icy glares...

You want I should come pay those neighbours a "visit?"

GREAT style matchup.


ttt my friend!!!!!


Given that the neighbour on my right is a 90 year old widow who's in the hospital with a broken hip ( I shit you not) and the other neighbour(s) are two 60 year old lesbians....I'd say I got this one ok Dougie®... :)

Thanks anyways ! hehe

Once again.. Uh UH Nova Uniao, Uh Uh Nova Unaio!!!

Karo is not a good fight for Georges. Karo is very dangerous, trust me.

Then again, Georges is strong as an OX. It will make for an excellent battle, but something tells me this is not a good fight for Georges.

Hmmm... geriatric MMA. I wonder if it will sell?

Another Canadian makes it to UFC. But what I want is for the Americans to say "Look, another American made it to that Canadian Promotion, good for him"

I also think this is a bad matchup for George, but then again maybe we will get to see more of his standup.


That's an awesome match... that should actually be SET UP and PROMOTED. My emotions are mixed - I am happy to see St. Pierre on PPV and in the UFC. I am happy to see Karo fight again. I am happy to see them fight each other. But one guy has to win and one guy has to lose and it will be very damaging to their careers...

UFC is setting up an all-time classic here in SUPER NATURAL.

I love judo vs bjj matches, this will be great!

ttt for St. Pierre!

This is Sumu vs. Judu... I cant stress that enough.