Starting a New MMA & Boxing Projct

I'm starting a new boxing and MMA project, which will be physically based in St. Louis, MO and cover St. Louis area MMA and boxing.

Given the regional nature of the coverage area, I look forward to using my experience with to give extremely thorough attention to this growing local scene.  For me it's about biting off what I can chew, and giving it adequate due with the resources available to me as opposed to trying to cover too large a demographic and doing it poorly.

I will announce the name of the site after the domain registration is finalized.  But in the mean time, you can expect professional and balanced coverage of St. Louis area boxing and MMA with the occasional homage to the foreign and domestic scene.

My goal is to paint Missouri mixed martial arts in a positive light and hopefully gain exposure for our legalization efforts!  Please support this venture.

If you would like to contribute to this project, or share your ideas, please message me here.


thanks, Mouth

To The Top.


ttt. Best of luck with this.



good luck with it


TTT For Midwest MMA.

Sounds great...Make sure you check out Team Vaghi the best gym in St. louis!

Sounds great...Make sure you check out Team Vaghi the best gym in St. louis!

I am so glad MMA is starting to Blow up in St Louis:)\


ttt... I'm in full support. What about teh IL side of St. Louis market?

IL side of St Louis?  Such as?  Do you mean the shows that happen over in Sauget and Belleville?  I'm there.  No worries.  Basically this would entail Columbia as well since Jeff Powell deserves all the support he can get for continuing to put on great shows along I-70.

I love the "Shows" in Sauget :)..I support them as much as possible

Merrill-Do you know of a MMA show that is supposed to be going on next week in St Louis?

A few guys in a town next to mine are supposedly fighting on it.Thing is..These guys have 0 MMA training that I know of..Maybe some Boxing cause the facility they train at does that..But thats it..0 Ground..Sounds like they were gonna pad somebody's record.



No, I sure have not heard of any shows coming up.  I can do some checking though.