Steroids in MMA - a 'How-To'...

There is a very interesting article up on about Steroids in MMA.

I'd be interested to revisit peoples thoughts on Steroids in MMA/sport. Do the majority of people still see it as 'cheating', or has the hysteria left the building yet?

It cheats your cardio ;)


I don't think I would mind too much if my opponent was roided, but still made weight, as long as he has the acne situation under control.

Personally I wouldn't do anything that would make my balls shrink.

And as Justin says, it may reduce your cardio.

if your endurance is troubling you there is always EPO!

Shrunken balls rock! make your cock look bigger!

Re cheating.. My opinion is if the sport you are competing in says it's banned well then it's banned. If you are competing in an organisation without a drug policy then fuck it pill up!

Remember when that Aussie swimmer chick got done for using sudafed (used the coach as her outclause). IMO she can boil in the same vat of fat as the Chinese swim team. If the governing body says "mars bars" are banned, well dont eat them. Or atleast don't get caught ;)


I'm all natural in case anyone is wondering.

"If you are competing in an organisation without a drug policy then fuck it pill up!"

I don't agree.

IMHO the intent of such policies isn't around the creation of some sort of level playing field, rather it's a social issue i.e., doing illegal things shouldn't be condoned nor tolerated by society.

What if some prominent athletic star here in Australia was found to be using 'roids and subsequently suffered multiple heart attacks/tumours/whatever because of the same? We (society) ends up coping the bill for their stupid actions. That just plain sucks.

Recently there was talk of physicians refusing elective surgery on smokers... shouldn't such thinking apply to juicers as well?

Wonderring what you mean re us copping the bill??

Literally?? Through public health or loss of revenue through downfall of the sport?? Or Guilt by assosciation??


"Recently there was talk of physicians refusing elective surgery on smokers... shouldn't such thinking apply to juicers as well?"

Unfortunately smokers put more strain on the public purse than juicers. But anything to help keep this kind of abuse to a minimum is a step in the right direction.

Just remember guys/gals, drugs are drugs. If the TGA bans or stricly controls the importing and distribution of any product, its usually for a good reason!


Hands up anyone that thinks performance enhancing drug use isn't rampant in pretty much all professional sports ?

The reason you don't see the really big names get caught is because they have the proper support which allows them to avoid detection.

Anyone recall the "designer steroid" furore last year, a track & field athlete (I think, discipline unkown) was found to be using a new fangled steroid that had previously been undetectable. There was talk about retrospectively testing a LOT of B samples that were still held by the various test labs. That never happened because MANY athletes would have been caught and I would have had a chance at winning the 100 meters in Athens.

Plenty of other references, Google is your friend.

Anyone that is really curious about this stuff should read Werner Reiterer's book "Positive" He was an Australian Olympic shotputter, and he tips the bucket on a lot of what went on, including various levels he got from people at, or associated with the AIS.

While Nike, Adidas etc are sponsoring athletes/sports/sports people there's gonna be drugs. Throw that much money into anything and people will cheat anyway the can.

I mean c'mon, Ben Johnson got caught, but with his drug abuse, he only managed to beat the rest of the field by how many 100th's of a second ? Or were the others just that good ??

Cynical I know, but I'm a realist. As for the cheating question, if the rules state you must pass a drug test on the day of your fight, then that's what you have to do. What you do in the 3 months leading up to the fight, well...

Tetrahydrogestrinone or THG for those who want to do some more reading.


And if i remember at the time Ben Johnson said he only got caught because he couldn't afford the newest drugs on the market.

I don't think the Olypics are serious about catching out all the athlets on drugs so why would the MMA promotors be really concered with it?

I think most would say its good for the sport from a spectator view as when you saee a guy who looks like Randleman (not saying he is or was on them, but a guy his size) ect it gets the crowd going. Crowds love big guys, skills or no skills because they know 1 big shot and its all over.

Tetrahydracannabinol or THC for those looking for a more relaxing read!

Sorry Tank, had to do it!



You'll fail your drug test with that one as well (why they test pro footballers for recreational drugs is beyond me !)


Another article I found interesting:


The irony is that if one takes them then others will to equalise the advantage. Then the only thing making a difference in the end is skill and strategy. So why take 'em to start with?

Ben Johnson is still the fastest man ever over 100M, (even though it is not acknowledged by the record books)but Carl Lewis supposedly has since come out and admitted to having been on the roids as well. But if they were both juiced up then Carl was on an equal footing and Ben was still the faster on the day! So who had an advantage? The drug companies were the winners.

I think Tank is right in what he says about while the money is there why wouldn't they cheat to earn the money they can these days?

Also why do guys like Bonello (MMA) Gurkan Ozkan (Kickboxing) Roy Jones Jr (Boxing) all keep going up divisions?

I think its either because of the fame of the heavyweights or the money heavyweights earn. So if the only way one could put on alot of weight was steriods why wouldn't they?

BTW i'm not saying any of the three guys i meantioned are or have ever used steriods, just making a point in three different sports of much smaller guys who have gone or are going up in weight.

having fought a steroid muncher I would say, who cares if you can weather a storm.

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"If you are competing in an organisation without a drug policy then fuck it pill up!"
I don't agree.

IMHO the intent of such policies isn't around the creation of some sort of level playing field, rather it's a social issue i.e., doing illegal things shouldn't be condoned nor tolerated by society

Does that mean if I get caught speeding(on a side not, SUCKED IN KYM!) should I not be allowed to fight? as well as if I beat my kids/wife?

bit of ambiguity there?

PED tidbits -

Ben JOHNSON: only got caught by blood doping. He altitude trained and stored blood which was not clean (stanolazol). He doped with the dirty blood. He would have had absoulutely no anabolic benefit by doing this. He was as clean as any other athlete on the track that day.

NRL: Why was it it not that long ago they tested for pot ann not for speed and juice? Perhaps a bigger (gear) and more aggressive (speed) fueled athlete was more marketable then a mars bar munching mellowed out bench dweller? Unsure what happened politically to turn that around one day?

NFL: The old NFL had a drug policy, however, all teams had a roster which said who was going to be tested when and for what!

Death in the locker room: Unsure the author but this old book posed a hypothetical question to the effect of "If there was a drug you could take that would allow you to set undprecedented and never to be beaten records in your sport and have you rule the sport for a period of time (was like 3 yrs), however, that drug would then kill you. Would you use the drug?"

The question was posed to athletes of various levels from little leaguers to pro athletes. I think that 90% + said yes!


I guess the point I was trying to illustrate was that performance enhancing drug use is prevelant in professional sports.

It is not an isolated thing, that 1 participant out of say 1000 tries. It's widespread.

As for the ethics debate, that is a very tough argument to have...

To take Matt's example, what if, during my off season, I get a prescription from my Dr for an anabolic agent, and I use it as ordered - No laws broken there, then, when I play my match, have my fight, whatever, enough time has gone by and I pass the drug test - no rules broke. Yet I still gained the extra foot speed/extra tackling power/extra punching power from the 5Kg's of lean muscle I was able to put on.

Did I cheat ??

The drug use was legal, and I passed the test...

As for the shrinking ball/acne/it'll kill you comments, I think some people are confusing freak show body builders who pump enough gear into them to kill 10 horses, because they think if 100mg/ml = good then 1000mg/ml must = better with top athletes, who can easily use drugs well within the acceptable limits, and still gain that extra few 100th/second they need, or that extra 300mm in a javelin throw or whatever.

I would suggest that a professional athlete, with proper supervision could safely use PED's without anymore likelihood of serious side effects then most of us risk taking nurofen.

PS: I don't want to be seen as an advocate of drug cheating, I just like to play devils advocate...



Of course, all that said, anyone know where I can get some 'roids man ??

My actual skills are serioulsy lacking, so I figure I should just get big.

Beefcaaaaake !!


Haha ! Yeah...speeding is bad ;)

Steroids is a funny topic. I have trained with guys who are on the stuff. I dont feel that they are super strong. Maybe its the type of gear they use, but most of them blow there wad pretty quick. This is probally also to do with the training load they do...focus on heavy lifting.

While alot of us are banging a bag or rolling..they are lifting. So its pretty specific.

I find alot of people a pro it for the recovery factor. So they can train harder and longer.

Maybe for some it also helps them get fights and boost there confidents.
I mean who wants to see skinny pale kids like Matty Knight and I fight when you can have tanned muscle bound heroes slapping each other ..?