Steve Maxwell's products?

any detailed opinions or thoughts on Steve Maxwell's products especially his DVD for joint health and for grapplers?

I have his S&C conditioning DVD. I did not care for it. It is not bad, just really different from what I am used to. I would really want some 1 on 1 instruction before I tried many of the moves on the DVD.

thanks Eel, I appreciate the feedback

I have his Joint Mobility DVD it is like Pavels Super Joints.

I don't have Pavel's - could you give me some more info on each? thanks!

Maybe 50? joint mobility exercises, mostly done standing with no equipment/props. Basic arm swings, neck rolls, and a bunch of stuff you've probably never seen before. He reccommens doing your age in reps, so the entire workout would take like 20-30 minutes.

On the grappling tape he is training Saulo Ribeiro, I believe.

Does anyone know how similar/different Maxwell's joint mobility program is to Warrior Wellness?