Stipe vs Fedor, who would of won?

All you said was almost or could of lol. But Fedor’s awareness and recovery was too much for anyone. He would of smashed little Shogun

Shogun takes it

Now you are just trolling LOL

Shogun struggled with Lil Nog

Fedor Ragdolled Big Nog

They are twins and Big Nog was the superior one in his Prime although Lil Nog was just smaller and still an amazing fighter in his own right


He didn’t struggle with Lil Nog it was a good fight and wasn’t close in my eyes.

It was a great fight and one of the Best in Pride.

This was a struggle compared how Fedor treated his Twin Brother.

Edit: Fuckers removed my gif so here’s a cool pic instead of their war


Fedor is just to much for shogun att that time ,
You saw what happened Cro cop wand.

Only the shier power is to much, and Fedor had advantage in many other areas


There wasn’t a human on earth that would of beaten a prime Fedor in a fight. Understand! Noooobodddyyy. He would of wrecked Shogun by whatever he wanted. Shogun had zero advantages.


Fedor was light years ahead of his time.


He was a fucking Cyborg

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Lil Nog was Shogun’s hardest fight in the Tournament over Rampage, Overeem, and Arona.

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Lil and Big Nig had underrated boxing


You hear fighters today , a had a bad night . I felt slow. And many other reasons . And I understand . Nothing negative menth.
You could never imagine Fedor didn’t show upp the night of the fight. You said it friend , he was a cyborg


MMA math.
Shogun wouldn’t be using top control on the ground.

They fought over a dog, and Wandy won.

Wandy would of been stomped out

Shogun’s my all time favourite fighter. I don’t see him having anything at all for Fedor. Two of the most fluid fighters of all time, but Fedor was bigger. Faster, stronger, more explosive etc. better everywhere.

As pointed out earlier Big Nog is undeniably significantly better than little Nog. I don’t think a fight between the two would be that close. And I think Big Nog would have beaten Shogun pretty convincingly.

Wand vs Shogun would have been amazing. Shogun was better on the ground and more versatile, but fully rounded Wand was a force with a significant edge in power. My money would be on Wand.


Then how did he get the dog?

Agree with all of this.

All great fighters mentioned, but Shogun isn’t just going to run the table with foot stomps and soccer kicks.
Fedor and Nog would be too much for him on the ground.

As far as Shogun/Wandy… They know each other too well for Wandy to be surprised by anything. And it wouldn’t be a grappling match. Wandy was stronger and his knees were the most dangerous weapon between the 2.

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A fight no one ever brings up that was a dream fight of mine, was always Anderson vs Shogun

Whether it was UFC or Pride FC

In early 2007 Shogun beat Overeem. That same year Anderson beat Lutter, Nate and Rich

That was the perfect year for them to fight imo. Cage or ring. I think Anderson takes it. Decision or late TKO maybe? Woulda been awesome

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Talking Pride era I would pick Shogun.

Wasn’t a real fight