Strained knee ligament?

Anybody ever had a strained knee ligament? I stepped back from the squat rack last week with 300lbs on my shoulders, my foot slipped and my knee bent wrong... The doctor said it appeared to be a bad strain. My knee has been super tight and full of fluid for like 9 days. It's driving me crazy because I want to get back to training but I don't want to make things worse. Anybody ever had something similar happen? I'm trying to figure out long I'm going to be out of commission. Phone Post

She's got me taking 500mg of naproxen and doing RICE by the way. Phone Post

Depends on how bad the strain is. I would also slowly start working the knee in the pain free zone, with no resistance, just flexing and curling the leg. Keeps your ROM up, and uses the pressure of the movement to help pump out some of that fluid.

Thanks for the reply man... It's killing me to just sit around! Phone Post