Strasser vs St. Pierre Tonight

This is the fight of the year!!! I am picking Strasser to win.

GSP will take this one I believe.

Going for St. Pierre too. Can't wait for the results.

TTT for results

GSP will beat him worse that Karo did, and GSP will beat him worse than he beat Karo. That is all.

TTT for results and hopeful win for strasser

Wow! St Peezy wins!

They start off boxing. St.Pierre looks relaxed, Strasser looks choppy. Strasser throws a kick and St.Pierre catches it and takes him down.

St.Pierre works hard to pass guard. Strasser with some good technique to get guard back. St.Pierre passes to half guard and then guard. He secures the kimura and kranks it for the tap.

St.Pierre by sub 1:52 into the first.

He really made it looked easy and Strasser looked really dissapointed. He didn't even stay around for the announcement.

strasser's arm definitely appeared injured, perhaps that's why he left.

I think his arm was ok when he left the ring.

what event was this ?

Thats awesome, good win for st.pierre



We need St. Pierre vs BJ

nice pics

St.Pierre also said he is fighting Jason Miller at UFC 52.

St. Pierre vs Trigg would be awesome.



Mayhem vs. St. Pierre! WOW!

intense fight! who has better cardio.. thats the deciding factor!