strength training vs weightlifting

Hello, First I just want to say happy new year to all of you:)

Anyway, I was wondering if someone could help me with a situation?
I have been lifting for a few years and gained some decent size. When I joined a mma club, my cardio sucked but my grappling (using strength) was enough to fend off my teammates fr a short while.

Now for the past 6-8 mth I have tried using a mma style workout (aka wiggy-hypertprophy).
The results have been that I have lost size(1/2 of it fat,and a little size) but more importantly strength, believe it or not.
My teammates have not changed their workouts, but are instead throwing me around now like a rag doll.

My question is, I am thinking of going back to weighlifting ( a max-ot style ) and doing taku's interval traing for cardio.

Do you think this will work for mma or am I missing an element that made me lose so much strength.

Any help would be appreciated.


btw my diet from this time frame has cleaned up, not perfectly but none the less way better then when Ifirst started..

You shouldn't lose strength for the 'mat' like that.

You will lose some strength in the gym lifing weights but that will come back pretty quick as soon as you do it again.

Do some weight training say 1 or 2 days. Just stick to the compound stuff and no concentration stuff. And keep doing what your doing.

And are you sure the guys at the gym aren't just using better technique to beat you?


Sounds like your teammates have improved their technique and learned to deal with your short-term strength-based approach to grappling.  You need to learn how to relax and stop relying so much on strength or you will keep getting your ass kicked.

The reason why theyre throwing you around like a rag doll is because of your loss of mass. The more mass you have the harder to throw.