Strikers 135lb-145lbs May Tourney

All levels let me know if your interested.

Looking for 135lb to 145lbs for K1 style tourney in London, Ontario.

Sponsored 1st and 2nd place with cash and gift prizes and entrance into a high level USA kickboxing show.



I thought your DJ was hot at the last show.

The guy sitting beside her was ugly as shit though.

JHR Hijacked thread 36,352


LOL @ JHR!!!

TTT thanks guys.....

Our DJ came highly recommended ....By himself....

Rumour has it, that DJ does ALOT of things himself...

Or to himself...



hi shawn

more info about the entrance into the U.S. show



I noticed the lack of ring girls at the last show. Please don't start using JHR for that too.


Just curious though, are there that many people at that weight class to actually have a tourney?

Dougie - You, me, Chris, Mark. There's four already. I might not be ready in time. Have to see what the doc says next week - after he stops laughing.


The reason I am doing this tourney is because I have so many fighters at this weight from my school and the others that I involve. Its actually quite impressive.

Right now the rough list is at about 14 fighters, I am just making sure the levels are similar. I will also have a couple alternate bouts and some super fights in the between bouts.

That's great! What I don't understand is that if you have so many fighters at a regional level how can guys like Dana White show so little interest in the LW division.

That sucks.

Anyway, keep up the good work. If you can get some of those guys into TKO and start a LW division there that will force the UFC to re-consider.

Please keep us up to date on the tourney and stuff. I'll give you as much support as I can.

If I have to I will fight dsc166. He's so ugly no one would know if he took a beating.

UGLY!!!! Oh, thems fight'in words pal. I'll show you who's ugly. I'll beat you down so far you won't know which way is up. Why, I'll...(looking in mirror) mind. Sigh.

Hey, I was playing catch with Chris today. Didn't drop the ball once. He did. Guess those hands are for something else.


Good to hear the rehab is going good on the leg.

I would never fight you dave, you're a dirty fightin' kung foo bastard!



Will the tournament be K1 rules or NAKA rules?



Is Scott going to be there on Monday?