StrongMan Event Training

Does anyone have any info about how strongman competitors train? In terms of movements/exercises, reps, weights, sets, rests, cycling, etc.? Any resources online where I can get this info?

go to and do a search - there's a couple of routines there...

I train with my buddy who competes and we usually just do the actual events. We'll usually pick 2 excercises a day. Example: Farmers walks and Super Yolk. We'll pick a distance say 100 FT we'll do the super yolk. rest do it again rest, for say 4 or 5 times. Then we'll do the same thing with the farmers walk. We'll do both hands for say 5 rotations and then do one handed farmers walks where you walk 100ft one way with one hand switch hands and walk back 100ft with the other for 5 rotations.

On another day we'll do tire flips and chain pulls. We usually finish up with some KB swings and some AB work.

do a serach in the archives at
look for Srongman Exercises, Strongman Injuries
How to train like Magnus, How not to lift a tire
by Thomas Incledon and From Lab Geek to Strongman
A True Adventure by Thomas Incledon

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Thanks guys....anyone else?

Too many variables.

Depends on how far out from a contest they are

What events are involved

Where they're weak

etc, etc.

alot of people use a westside hybrid plan with event days or just event lifts mixed in.


Svend Karlsen and Magnus Samuelson both have DVDs specifically on that.

We also do Medleys. Tire Flip,Run with a Keg,chain pull.

There is some stuff here, down at the bottom of the page.

There is a good discussion group here that has alot of strongman competitors


Anyone Else?

Check out They have put out "how to" training videos for strongman training. I'm sure they can answer all your questions.