Strongman on Fox Sports Net?

Found a little blurb on the American Strongman Society's web page that FSN is running an hour long strongman style show every Wednesday between 1 PM and 4 PM depending on your time zone starting January 5.

Here's the link.

I'm going to look for this today.

I just did a quick check on my Dish guide and it's listed as All Strength USA at 4 PM Central on channel 416.

I can't believe I've missed two weeks of this.

Well it wasn't what i expected but it was decent.

This was a team competition.

The events I saw were a odd shaped Atlas stone type of competition where they had to move a 300 lb stone from one short podium across the area to another podium then they tagged in another team mate and he loaded the next stone from the ground to the podium in front.

The second event was a one on one wrestling event with the guy wearing a belt with straps on the hips and they both got hand holds and worked for the takedown.

The third event was a two man weight throw over a wall behind the competitors.

The fourth event I didn't see in entirety because I went with my kids to go bike riding. But the preview I saw was a 3 or 4 man on each side of a long pole and it looked like a tug of war where they pulled and twisted and turned to get the pole from the other team..

It was a good break from no strength sports on TV but if I can't watch Worlds Strongest Man I'd rather watch Ultimate Heavy Athletics.

I'd like to see a more pure strength based strongman competition develop much like the one at the Arnold a few years back.

I want to see lots of heavy squatting, the log lift, inch dumbbell cleans, deadlifts, keg toss, and I'd only want to see on strength endurance event consisting of farmers walk, the hussefel stone, or the heavy medley.

Screw you guys.


LOL - I appreciated the tip, but couldn't catch it and didn't feel like I had much to add

It's cool.

I've got the kiss of death when it comes to threads on here.

Good times.

But I gotta say you didn't miss much.

Good news is that ESPN has been showing the 2004 WSM about every 3 days for the past 2 weeks.

I've watched it around 4 or 5 times.

Nice. I saw a chunk of it on Christmas, but haven't caught any since then. My TV time has been pretty thin, though.