Stu Hart...legit grappler or sadistic asshole who hurt non resisting guys

You keep sounding dumber and dumber. You ask for 3 examples and I give you 3. One example the guy (bj) gets knocked out cold and the other (Danis) gets tapped out.

Brock strolled into the ufc and beat the shit out of top competition. He got tapped by Mir and came back and beat him like a school yard bully. Imagine some tall guy walking into the nba with little to no skill and making the all star team. Only in ufc can you do shit like this. Because it’s a tough guy competition, not a skilled athletic competition.

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I think it was Gino Brito and few of the french guys that owned it.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but Brock was a highly decorated amateur wrestler. Don’t pretend he was just some guy off the street.

Good content in this tread!

Decent arguments too.

MMA is a measuring stick for the baddest men on the planet but it doesn’t always equate!

Meng and Harley Race are naturally wild men willing to do what ever it takes to win in BATTLE! Not Necessarily just a fight as competition!

Old school shooters were legit tough men.

Old school boxers were legit tough men.

The reason why some MMA dudes get beat up in bars are for two reasons


And open hands and weapons.

Amateur wrestling and boxing help big in the streets but if someone got will and heavy hands or is naturally bigger outcomes change and very.

Bites, eye gouge, fish hooks, pinches, small joint manipulations, chairs, bricks, bottles, rocks all change outcomes.

Wet floors, etc

I don’t believe either that DR. Death was some beast at fighting. That brawl for all showed he had no hands, couldn’t take a punch, and was actually scared to take a punch. He was a stud at football and amateur wrestling but it doesn’t always equate again to “Battle” always. Jim Ross likes to hype him because he was scared of his size and athletics.

But if if size and athleticism were everything then Brock would still be champ and mark Kerr would too. Just a battle stalemate of flexing chest.

I feel like Daniel Cormier beats lesnar in a fight 9/10.

MR. Combatively


Well then stop talking to me. Otherwise quit with the childish name calling. Im actually trying to have a discussion eoth you, but youre all emotional and upset over pro wrestling. Calm down Eugene.

Okay. You gave me 3 examples. How long are you going to keep fishing for comments about them?

Yes. We discussed this already. I like how you repeat my words to me about the fight you forgot all about. Lol. Once again, whats your point?

You think it takes no skill to win an NCAA div 1 wrestling championship? Ypu believe pro wrestlers can fight, but that amateur college wrestling is just unskilled garbage? Okay champ.

So im really confused now. Are you dogging on wrestlers for being unskilled bums or mma fightersas tough man fighterd. Which of your exmapkws are the gracie family suppoaed to be? Are they they basketball players too or arr they another sport. Is Stu Hart supposed to be a more skilled wrestler than Brock Lesnar? Is Dillon Danis supposed to be Royce Gracie or an unskilled mma fighter? :thinking:

This guy is all over the place. You post like some of those schizophrenic pro wrestling storylines. Lol

@ de_braco

Seeing your Harley Race comment now I know how you got word on the seminar scene from around Springfield etc.

By the way do you know a source to watch the King of Pancrase events ?

A solid OGer/ poster is asking over on another thread. Jed who contributes to all of our gun / shooting sports threads is looking for a way to watch all of the King of Pancrase Events.

The Kakutogi Video Archives has tons, and tons, of Pancrase, with more being added continually.

This is just what I have up on our archives at the moment. I’m constantly adding all sorts of various MMA/Kickboxing/Wrestling/Etc. events, around 70 new tapes/events a week, but I have pretty much all the Pancrase from 1993-2020. As you can see most of 93-00 is up, and I’m adding around 7-10 other Pancrase events every month. (I have to convert everything from the original source before uploading it.)

Pancrase Classics #1 The Lions Den:

Pancrase Classics #2 King of Pancrase

Pancrase Classics #3 Submission Fighters:

Pancrase Classics #4:

Pancrase Classics #5 The Lion’s Den:

Pancrase Classics #6:

Pancrase Classics #46:

Pancrase Masakatsu Funaki The Road to Millennium ~The Ten Best Fights~:

Masakatsu Funaki: The Straight Story (Intro to Pancrase):

Kakutogi Dojo Pancrase Vol 1

Kakutogi Dojo Pancrase Vol 2:

Kakutogi Dojo Vol 3 The Theory of Pancrase 1996:

Pancrase: Yes, we are hybrid wrestlers 1 9-21-93

Pancrase: Yes, we are hybrid wrestlers 2 10-14-93:

Pancrase: Yes, we are hybrid wrestlers 3 11-8-93

Pancrase: Yes, We are Hybrid-Wrestlers 4 12-8-93:

PANCRASH! 1 1-19-94:

Pancrase Collection III~ Pancrash! 2 3-12-94:

Pancrase Collection IV Pancrash! 3 4-21-94:

Pancrase Road To The Championship 1 5-31-94

Pancrase Road To The Championship 2 7-6-94:

Pancrase Road To The Championship 3 7-26-94

Pancrase Road To The Championship 4 9-1-94

Pancrase Road To The Championship 5 10-15-94:

Pancrase King Of Pancrase Tournament Survival 12-16-94 + 12-17-94:

Pancrase Eyes of Beast 1+3 1-26-95 + 4-8-95:

Pancrase Eyes of Beast 2 + 4 3-10-95 + 5-13-95:

Pancrase EYES OF BEAST 5 6-13-95 + AJ Chogei Memorial Fight Collection Jumbo Tsuruta Vol. 2:

Pancrase NEO-BLOOD Tournament 1995 7-22-95 + 7-23-95:

Pancrase 1995 Anniversery Show + Eyes of Beast 6: 9-1-95 + 11-4-95:

Pancrase Eyes of Beast 7 12-14-95

Pancrase Truth 1 PPV 1-28-96:

PANCRASE Truth 2: 3-2-96:

Pancrase PANCRASE TOUR 1996 TRUTH 3 & 4 4-7-96:

Pancrase Truth 5 PPV 5-16-96:

Pancrase Kings of Pancrase PPV 8-16-96

Pancrase Classics #25 10-8-96 + 10-22-96 + 11-9-96:

Pancrase Truth 6: 6-25-96:

Pancrase Classics #23 TRUTH TOUR NEO BLOOD TOURNAMENT 7-22-96 7-23-96:

Pancrase Tokyo Tough PPV (1996 Anniversery Show) 9-7-96

Pancrase TRUTH TOUR '96 10 12-15-96:

Pancrase Alive 1 1-17-97:

Pancrase: Alive 2 2-22-97:

Pancrase: Alive 3 3-22-97:

Pancrase: Alive 4 4-27-97

Pancrase: Alive 5 5-24-97:

Pancrase: Alive 6 6-18-97

Pancrase: Alive 7 6-30-97:

Pancrase: Neo-Blood Tournament 97 7-20-97 + 7-21-97

Pancrase 1997 Anniversary Show 9-6-97:

Pancrase: Alive 9 10-29-97

Pancrase Alive 10 11-16-97:

Pancrase Alive 11 12-20-97:

Pancrase Advance 1 1-16-98:

Pancrase Advance 2 2-6-98:

Pancrase ADVANCE Pancrase Tour 1998 3 & 4 3-1-98 + 3-4-98:

Pancrase ADVANCE TOUR 1998 #5 4-28-98:

Pancrase Advance 6 5-12-98:

Pancrase ADVANCE PANCRASE TOUR 1998 #7 6-2-98:

Pancrase Advance 8: 6-21-98:

Pancrase 1998 Neo Blood Tournament Final 7-26-98:

Pancrae 1998 Anniversery Show 9-14-98:

Pancrase ADVANCE PANCRASE TOUR 1998 #9 10-4-98:

PANCRASE Advance 9/10/12 10-4-98 + 10-26-98 + 12-19-98:

Pancrase ADVANCE TOUR 1998 #10 10-26-98:

Pancrase Advance 11 11-29-98:

Pancrase BREAKTHROUGH 3 3-9-99:

Pancrase BREAKTHROUGH 4 4-18-99:

Pancrase Breakthrough 5 5-23-99:

Pancrase Breakthrough 6 6-11-99:

Pancrase 1999 Neo-Blood Tournament 8-1-99:

Pancrase Breakthrough 8 9-4-99:

Pancrase 1999 Anniversary Show 9-18-99 (Part 1):

Pancrase 1999 Anniversary Show 9-18-99 (Part 2):

Pancrase Breakthrough 9 10-25-99:

Pancrase Breakthrough 10 11-28-99:

Pancrase BREAKTHROUGH 11 PPV 12-18-99:

Pancrase Trans 1 1-23-00:

Pancrase Trans 5 7-23-00:

Pancrase 2000 Neo-Blood Tournament Final Round 8-27-00:

Pancrase 2000 Anniversery Show 9-24-00:

Pancrase Australia 10-6-00:

Pancrase Trans 6 10-31-00:

Pancrase Trans 7 12-4-00:

Pancrase Trans 8 12-9-00:


Wow holy cow man.

Is this over on the Kakutogi history thread ? I recall jumping in and out of it early on but have not been back in a while.

This is over at the Kakutogi Road Patreon where my massive, massive, MASSIVE, Video archive collection is being uploaded for our patrons to view. I did this in an effort to raise money for what I feel like is the good work of the Kakutogi Road, to try and procure more interviews, keep paying translators, acquire more rare materials, etc., in other words, to do a better and bigger job than what I’ve been able to do thus far. Right now, there is probably around 4500 hours of content with more being added constantly. If the entire archive ever gets finished, I suspect it would be 30,000 to 40,000 hours of material. I always post our articles free over on the Kakutogi Thread, but they arrive to the patreon first, before making their way to the public.

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lol@ the jason gimmick. It looked like “disalvo” whoever tf he is/was was laying them in pretty stiff. Probably annoyed at the no selling from a guy 50 lbs of muscle smaller than him.