Studying for CSCS

Hello everyone,

I graduated from my uni and thought I would ask any of you who took the certification test for the CSCS. What source of study do I need? I already have the following book:

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Second Edition textbook
Item #: CSCS-001

Would it the only book I need to do well in it?

Text book and practice exams are the most helpful things, in my opinion. Also I got the video of the exercises just to be sure I was familiar with the cues THEY want used. I found the practice exams super helpful, so I would get a couple different ones of those.

I agree with Ring Girl. Overall, the test isn't very difficult. I focused on the figures, tables, and key points in the boxes, along with practice tests and watching the video once. I also made sure I was sharp on the physiology stuff.

It seems like there were several questions that could have been argued, as there might have been newer information than what was covered on the test. Just don't overthink. Give them the answers they want in the context of the test.

Agreed, snail.

Also you only have to get a certain amount right in each section to pass. The practice tests will help you learn which sections you need more work on. Study the ones where you're at risk of not passing and don't bother with the others - you're not getting a grade, just a pass/fail.