Stuff rogan says

"The idea of...." Phone Post 3.0



He's out! He's out!

insert fighters name here has nasty leg-kicks, Mike.


If you're great at one thing you can master another. Used to say it all the time about kos. Then Goldie would repeat it constantly. Phone Post 3.0

His on queer st Phone Post

High level

The way _________ does ________ is incredible.

That's a wrap son!

Muscles that size take oxygen.

He's extremely durable Phone Post 3.0

He has k1 striking Phone Post

Powerful Phone Post 3.0 wrap your head around X Phone Post 3.0

Roe Jogan: These pretzels are making me thirsty.

"Yeah, it could be that.. Or maybe they're all a bunch of cunts"

Tremendous. Phone Post

It's delicious. Phone Post 3.0

"animals are scary" - joe rogan


Ferocious leg kick! Phone Post 3.0

Rogan says the darndest things.

You need to go to a doctor redban. Phone Post 3.0

"Are you sure?"

I love it when Rogan says this because usually someone is about to get butthurt after being barraged by questions.

o-n-n-i-t enter the code name rogan and save yourself 10% on any or all supplements Phone Post 3.0


"nice low kick" - to any low kick thrown Phone Post 3.0