Stupid fighters in this state.....

why do all these dumba$$es that have had 1 or 2 fights go crazy bout what they do?i'm so sick of people coming up to me saying their buddy is in the ufc and they are undefeated.i guess when you are 1-0 it's kinda hard to be defeated.when your a$$ gets a few fights then you can are giving all the people that are real fighters a bad name!!please stop watching tv and going in the backyard to practice!!train at a reputable gym with a reputable coach or just shut the hell up!!i try not to talk smack and keep it real but damnit i'm just sick of it!!

p.s.please stop popping up more promoters in this state!!we have enough good ones and don't need these new ones to come around!get off the bandwagon!you have no idea what you are doing with these bum fights!you are making mma look bad with some of these no skilled opponents!

Word. Posers are actually kinda sad I think.

Going around and saying you're something you're not is really lame. It's the unfortunate side-effect of everything getting popular.

Edit: Dude, what? I think you Ctrl+V'ed something by accident bigworm!!

I like to tell people "Yeah, I was in the UFC before it was even popular"

puts on affliction shirt and prepares to train with Reggie Warren Jr.

1-0-0 / I guess you can say that you're one in a row.  woo-hoo.

exactly what I feared with having so many promoters start shows, while it's not bad to have one good one in each of the large communities - gives you a bigger fighter pool to draw from to get these amateurs some exposure.  not bad to have these new fighters come up thru the ranks to give the seasoned fighters some fresh meat.  and of those I've seen - say 20 per show, you'll usually have 2 that are worth talking about and remembering.  but with one good show you'll have 3+ of crappy ones to contend with and you'll have those guys Joey is talking about running their mouth and thinking they're some hot shit and just waiting on a call from Dana. or you're having those promoters from other states come over here; it's alot of hard work to do this locally, don't see how outsiders can do this very well.  good example of one of the better ones  is Ken Coffey - he spent a butt load of money coming over probably 4 weekends in a row to promote his show 1) driving ain't cheap 2) having to stay in hotel & eat out ain't cheap - but you have to do what you have to do to promote these shows.  Then after all his work - it fucking snows and while the roads & weather wasn't that bad, it was enough to have him snake bit on the turnout. 

and yes I think of it as a rite of passage before you get the respect of having fought many times and worthy opponents before you get bragging rights.  one fight does not make you worthy of standing with those have have many, hard fought fights.

maybe we could get those with more balls than brains to hold their breath waiting on that call from Dana - that may very well solve this problem.

later, ma

oh btw - Good luck this weekend DJ - who is your opponent?  enjoy you're party time afterwards too ;-)

First- Yeah, good luck, DJ. Bring back another win!

Second- Where is MY disc, H.M.?

3rd- Relax, bro. It's NOT going to change. Like Keith said, it is a result of being popular. Don't burn up the mental energy even trying to think about it- it'll stress you out. You know you are a real competitor.

Again- I don't care that more promoters or even out of town promoters are coming in- because it offers more opportunity IF (a big if), IF they are legit and don't screw people over. It seems that most of what we are hearing about are "shady" shows with 2 weight classes, but that's not going away for several reasons; 1. people want to watch it (mostly because there isn't much else to do in, say, Cleveland, AL), 2. with the right formula, promoters make alot of $$ (obviously, B'ham does not have a formula), and 3. there are enough of the people to which you previously referred who will compete in them.

It is easy to say, "no more promoters" when you are able to muscle a promoter into having a couple of your school's pros on a card he wanted to keep ammy.

I just wish more promoters that knew what they were doing were coming. Some of the shows have the potential to be "rehabed" into something worthwhile. Others, well, better watch your butt if you are going to associate with them.

what prompted to this rare outburst from the usually even-keeled JAM?

There has to be a good story behind this!


Thanks! I'm fighting Jason Floyd. He trains under UFC fighter Alan Belcher.

i met 2 promoters the other day that have never done a show.they want to put them on and ask us for fighters and promise the the hell are you going to do anything if they've never done it before?our guys have been in enough shows to know to stay away from the new promoters since we always get burned by them.we have had several renig on us and it sux getting ready for a fight and killing your body for nothing.then they start asking us how to put one on?????what the hell??all the new promotions are trying to talk to us like we will do something for nothing and they make all the can you be a promoter without ever being on the fighter side of the game?

bottom line is if you have the money to put on a show good for you.if you've never been in a fight then leave us be!you obviously have no concern for the fighters!!

sorry everybody but i need to vent!!

there is more on the way!

keep it coming...

names and pics or it didn't happen lol.

for those of you that don't know me i do sales.i talk to people all day and hear so many stupid stories.i never tell anybody i'm a fighter!i try to stay away from that and always tell people my black eyes are from something ears at least give away that i wrestle and i may say i do that if somebody asks.when people say they have seen me on a poster or have heard of me i try to change the subject but then the stupid stuff comes......

"my boy bubba is a fighter and he is in the ufc!"

"my boy lamant is a fighter and is the alabama state champ!"

"i used to fight but i was so deadly they made me stop!"

"my name is douchebag jones and i've never heard of you!"

that's one of my favorite lines!!i get some guy that's had one or 2 fights and all the sudden he is the man!!i don't like to brag and i believe i'm very humble but there are definately some names every fighter should know in this state!!for example skip hall,chris connoly,david huelett,dj watkins,marcus brimage,etc.
i'm pretty damn sure my name would be in there also and guys please don't get upset if i didn't put your name in was just an example and trust me i know alot more that should be!

DOUCHEBAG JONES ?!!! Can't you find a different last name ?

LOL, that guy is such a douche!!! BTW, my arm still hurts!

how about stitch jones?

"Now, what is the best way to put on a show..?"

You're right, stay the hell away from those people!  That is annoying.  You should have asked them how much of the profits they would give you for the info.

to top it off some douche bag just left my work in a tapout hat!!!i love these guys!!

Hey. I am 0-1 and I don't know who the hell Douchebag Jones is. He must not really be a fighter anyway.

I can remember when there was virtually no shows here in Alabama - we regularly would make the trek to Atl for David Oblas or Brett Moses shows or the other way to Biloxi or Tunica for Lee Coates & Rob Braniffs FFC or Rich Clementi's Reality Combat shows.  We worked those as well - every time we'd come away on the rides home and critique them with what was good and try to duplicate those and what was bad to put these down and never do them.  At the time we had no inclination to actually put on shows ourselves.  But somehow in all my obsessive-compulsive ways - this list actually materialized and it's something that I pass along to people that are wanting to put on shows.  I have everything from a list of jobs to delegate to guidelines to pay these people giving up their time to help you run your show smoothly to making sure you have water for both locker rooms to water for the officials to paying everyone in cash to pass lists - well you get my point.  For this we get nothing but knowing these people at least have an idea of where to start.  What do we get out of this? - knowing that you'll have quality people that have done this before and that it takes some of the pressure off you the promoter.   I know it is the most stressful job I've done in a long time and the details are astronomical - so this is where the lists come into play.  Alot of this is things that totally unorganized promoters are scrambling to do at the last minute.  I've made my share of mistakes but fortunately I only make them once.

If these new promoters at least start out doing the right things - they're the ones on the hook to make it come together.  They still have to match make well and gather these contacts and work with schools, trainers and fighters.  I too realize that everyone is going to start somewhere and all will make mistakes that hopefully they will learn from and won't be too detrimental.  At least helping those that we feel are trustworty will in turn be good for the fighters and give us all better local outlets.  I guess you can say this is our contribution to the sport.

my2cents - lawdy

ok I've got to go with you on the fighters that think they're the next big thing - Cyclops immediately comes to mind - that and his ugly girlfriend that's suppose to have a great body (excuse me but when did the UFC ring girls wear bags over their heads?) - they both think they're on their way to the UFC, both as fighter and ring girl?  makes me wonder what else they lie in bed and talk about?  Good Lord can we say delusions....