Rumor has it Falaniko Vitale will face former UFC Champion Dave Menne and Eddie Yagin will face Jens Pulver at the next Super Brawl 2/6/04.

This should be EXCITING!

right on. go eddie take it to him.

Bring back BRYAN PARDOE! that guy is a stud!

Shannon "The Cannon"

TTT for Bryan Pardoe!

-Steve Hyatt

Whats the deal with the TV show. Is it not going to air??? All that hype TJ put into it a couple of SB ago and now show. That sucks

Speaking of hype, what happened to all the "new" production elements Tj was talking about? Satt. replay? New fighters interview's etc. The last SB had none of that and was one of the shittier SB productions ive been to in a while.

Also a suggestion, how about a uniform for the ref's? Couldnt tell if the ref's were cornermen or in charge of the action. Spend the buck and buy them a collared shirt or something. Anyways I expected a little more, either way i'll be at the next one im sure.

Eddie's got his hands full on this one. Hopefully it will set up Jens vs. Kid in Sb in which I agree would kick ass.

Mad tiger brings up a good point, I see a REAL big difference in promotions. ROTR is in a different class right now, I think they hold the best event in Hawaii. The prices are a little steep, but worth paying IMHO. Even the video production crew was very professional with the control arm, The two GIANT screens, light show and replays, not to mention the refs are from the UFC.

Damnit I goota make it out to Hawaii to see one of the events out there!

The super brawl site says Justin Eilers will be back also as to who he is going to fight, no clue. Pulver also said "Tell Eddie he better be ready to throw down".

Jens fights at 145 now btw.

Also Jens vs KID will never happen at Superbrawl. Superbrawl is no longer working with Shooto.

"Eddie Yagin will face Jens Pulver"

I've been the ring with both of them. I'm now part of the MFS team and train full time with them. Jens will knock the sh*t out of Eddie. Eddie will try to stand with Jens and will get OK. Could be a good fight if Eddie keeps moving.

I believe at some point he will slow down and throw big shots at Jens and doing so, he will get knocked out......Joe Jordan

Joe Jordan are you planning on fighting Kolo Koka again?

I couldn't believe Vatale tapped out from Lindland's punches...

Even Takada (who is considered a coward on the UG) took harder shots from Igor Vovchanchyn before tapping out.


Jens by OK!

So SB has to more ties with shooto? Suda(shooto champ) ring a bell? To bad if thats true.

"So SB has to more ties with shooto? Suda(shooto champ) ring a bell? To bad if thats true."

Suda fought 3 times in 2003 and he also fought in December of 02, and guess what NONE of those fights have been with Shooto.

Do you see what Im trying to point out here??

Anderson Silva MOVED UP from 170 to 185, and started fighting in Pride and Shooto kept his status as 170 (163) champion for quite a few months even though he had NO plans of fighting for Shooto again.

Hey Kitty...No one was more dissapointed than me with the production of the last show. We hired a new company and were promised alot. Obviously they did not come threw. Also agreed with referee atire....Feel free to bust my balls directly in the have my e-mail. lol

Jens/Yagin may be a muay thai k-boxing match...details/rules being worked out...Jens is really focusing on a boxing career right now.

KAZ...Kid fought in a non shooto match recently in SB...and is willing to again....No immediate plans of Kid/Pulver though. :-(

Surf2.....The TV show is pushed back 3 months...One of the biggest headaches of my life...but we will get it on air!

The last ROTR production rocked!....Wish I had that kind of budget. I will certainly go to the next one.

Three months? wow T.Jay sorry to hear about it. Hopefully things will get better soon!

"Hey Kitty" LOL

Everybody is a critic, but last card was a little weak!! We know your doing your best TJ. Just wish you could bring ticket prices down alittle!! $40 is a bit steap for a couple good fights.

TTT for ROTR & SB!