Super Diet for MMA.

Nutrition and Sport Pysiology expert Raymond Floro (Also a highly toted NHB coach) has released a new diet that he has been trialing on some of the present Kotc and Pride athletes. It is very simple but revolutionary and i personally can attest to what it can do for your fitness, your body and most importantly ure heart.

Check out his forum under Experts, he has agreed to answer all questions.

I've been doing some training with Ray. This new diet of his really seems to have helped his sparring. Ray moves like lightning and you don't see his shots coming. The guy is unstoppable and is like the energizer bunny (do you guys have that in the US?).


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I cant find it in the expert headlines...

I remember- That was "Jacko".......Energizer...OI!!!!!

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I cn't find it.

TTT for some info...

"Sorry, no diet is going to help you "move like lightning" or help increase your punching speed."

These terms are pretty subjective but of course a good diet can HELP with your speed etc...



LEMon; there is no Raymond Floro in the Experts section. Where is the info?

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"The Energizah - It'll surprise ya, OI!"

"These terms are pretty subjective but of course a good diet can HELP with your speed etc... "

Actually, no it cannot. Talk to a registered dietician and/or someone with education in sports kinesiology. Your speed is a function of power and explosion, fast twitch percentage, training, etc.

But your diet does not technically make you faster in the 40, increase your punching speed or power, etc.

The only way it is relevant is that a proper diet, which gives your body the fuel and resources to sustain high intensity training and competition as well as to recover from it, is that a proper diet gives you enough glycogen to SUSTAIN operating at maximum speed aka peak output.

For example, running the 400 or quarter on a track, at equal pace, a typical Atkins or low carb diet will leave you in the ditch at turn two or the first half of the first straight, whereas a proper diet will have you hitting the wall at turn 4 or the final straight. For track aficionados, of course this doesnt take into account where your kick is but this is a repeatable example from personal experience.

The properly fueled athlete is able to sustain peak output longer due to the onset of glycogen depletion taking place later than for those who have insufficiently built up their glycogen levels.

Technically, however, nutrition does not influence your speed, only how long you can sustain the speed you have. To increase your speed, training in power and explosion is what's relevant.

Diet will also increase your energy levels allowing to you to keep on going like Jacko... Oi!

Can someone post a link. I am blind.


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