Supplements for lactic acid red...

uction. Are there any supplements that reduce the amount of lactic acid or take it out of the body rapidly once it is there?

lactic acid isn't an evil, and lactate isn't in acid form in your body. your body will produce lactate ALL the time.....unfortunately it gets the blame for everything, despite the bodies ability to directly metabolize it.

acid buffering is a different story. try sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).....but you might end up on the can for a while...

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For what, if I might ask? If you think that lactic acid causes soreness, you are on the wrong track.

I was asking not to reduce soreness but to keep fighting longer, for mma.

there are other things slowing you down besides the lactate. for fighting longer alot of people like creatine(as long you maintain hydration) and antioxidants. ephedrine is also liked by many althought there are risks involved.

Citrulline Malate - its a non essential amino acid bonded with a mineral salt. Usuallly found in nitric oxide preperations. Helps to reduce the onset of the "burn" associated with lactic acid build up whilst training. It acts as a detoxifyer etc.

Usually need 6000mg or more a day to see results.

I thought lactic acid was why I'm sore the day after training (and more the 2nd day for some reason) ...
what is the reason instead?

There's a discussion going on one of my other boards as to if stretching helps relieve soreness or not ... thoughts on that?

Is these questions would cause too much thread drift, you can tell me that too. ;)

if you are talking about the day after type soreness you might feel from a hard training, then glutamine is especially good for relieving that. Lean Protein shakes are also good to have you train everyday.

during edurance sessions= CYTOMAX

recovery= glutamine