SWEET Inverted Triangle in MMA Fight *ZZZZZ*

UFC Vet Brian Gassaway Vs. PRIDE FC Vet Shungo Oyama from the last Martial Combat event in Singapore.

Felt bad for Brian. He's a tough guy.

Me working the MIC as color commentator.


 Wow crazy sub!

cool finish, 13 minute video for a 45 second fight though ?

Lamest championship belt in history.

Skip to about 9:40 to see the choke.

Horrible ref

The sankaku from the turtle is the the most common submission in Judo competition.


 sick sub, he was out for a little while though

Sweet. Subbed for future reference.

Judo newaza 101.

Holy shit. The choke was kept on for a full ten seconds AFTER he went out. Good job ref!

allcloser - That is Judoka Shungo Oyama. When did this fight happen?
I thought that he was retired from MMA.

Fight happened a couple of weeks ago in Singapore.

ttt for later.


Sankaku jime 101!!!

Finally some commentary from a smaller show that`s easy on the ears.

Nice commentary Ray.

 Thanks for posting!

 That was pretty sweet. Thanks for the Vid!!!

allcloser - Lot at the commentator screaming, "Very, very, very rare submission!"

In actuality, it is a very, very, very, and very common submission in Judo.

Honest question. Besides Toby Imada's triangle lock...what other fights can you name where the fighter has been put to sleep?

...I actually thought he was going for the spine lock. notice how he reaches for the knees.