Syliva will crush Minotoro

The UFC domination of Pride fighters will continue. I say Sylvia by first or second round TKO. Minotoro almost got KOed by Herring so Sylvia should completely finish him.

I wouldn't expect anything else but sylvia jabbing nog for 25 mins and getting the decision win. Ive been fooled too many times by Tim to think the fight could possibly be exciting.

lol.....mino will catch him.

If Tim sticks to his gameplan, boring as it might be, he should be able to win fairy easy.

Way before the PRIDE buyout I thought Sylvia would be a bad matchup for Nog.

I really hope Nog takes it tho, cannot stand Sylvia.

as long as Tim doesnt take him down he wins easy.

Nog=heavyweight version of Nick Diaz

Sylvia hasn't crushed anybody in a long time. However there's a good chance he will slowly plod his way to a decision victory.

I think now that Big Nog has acclimated a bit to the Cage he will be better in his next outing. If he may get it to the ground against Tim I just do not see Syliva holding Nog's submission attempts off..Big Nog by sub imo.

Sylvia is a tough matchup for anybody, should be a close fight.

Nog won't be able to do shit to Tim on the ground. Tim via grabbing the wrists

"worse BJJ"

I stop reading there.

Trolling is not a bannable offense.

Nogs takedowns(in MMA)are just as good as Monsens.

He will find a way to get Sylvia down.

And once he DOES...

Well seeing how "minotoro" is in a lighter weight class Id say ya, he'd crush him due to the huge weight difference.

Now Sylvia vs Minautoro is an interesting match up.

"Nog has better handspeed than Nick and worse BJJ."

Very dumb statement, just because Nog isnt as "dynamic" as Diaz doesnt mean his ground game isnt as good. Nog is a heavyweight, a heavyweight isnt going to move the same as a welterweight or a lightweight. Nog has an amazing heavyweight ground game. Cant compare the two.

VectorWega, Big John McCarthy recently had a really good take in an interview on the differences between the Pride Ring and the UFC Cage at least I thought it was pretty insightful. Anyhow my point being that Nog has fully acclimated himself to the UFC Cage and it's nuances and his next outing should be much better. Sure Herring did almost knock him out their last encounter but you failed to mention that Big Nog now owns 3 wins over the man! For what it is worth I think Big Nog eventually gets big Tim down and submits him..

Nog can and will beat Tim, And for the record, so would Heath. Styles
make fights boys. (and for the record, I like Tim)

I agree that Heath would beat Sylvia.

I agree about Heath... he is too aggresive and too big for Tim to drown in his largeness.

BTW where the hell is Heath?

I would guess his contract is up and except for that one big kick against Nog,he has looked like crap so far.

I wouldnt think Dana would want him back,no?

Syliva will crush Minotoro

Possibly, but he is fighting his brother Minotauro.