Talk to a UFC Judge

UFC Judge extraordinaire Douglas Crosby (first Judge licensed in Nev., NJ, & CT.) is a unique observer of the MMA scene. It did not escape his notice that at times people on the UG discuss MMA Judging, sometimes positively but more often negatively.

With communication comes understanding, and with understanding comes appreciation.

Please post your questions, and hopes and dreams below.

This will be great for us all ...

how would you have judged bas rutten-kevin randleman?

What constitutes a 10-8 round?

Do you think there will ever be a time when judging becomes more well defined so that even the average user will be able to tell who has won a particular round (either by points system or otherwise)?

How did you get into UFC judging?

why are boxing judges, (ala cecil peeples) also mma judges?

what do they learn to judge mma?

What's being done to properly educate these judges?

Can the judging criteria so that the effort to finish a fight by near submission or KO counts over all. It seems that near submissions go unrecognized in the states, and that whoever scores the most strikes is given the nod. A escape from a near submission doesn't mean that he should be given points, it means that he was near to being done.

Do you feel that the current 10 point must system is the best way to judge a MMA fight?

when will takedowns be scored based on utilization of the Td rather than the TD alone?

Some great questions I am really looking forward to the answers of.....


is Dalby Shirley fucking retarded, or just blind?

in all seriousness, I'm also an MMA judge (licensed in NH), and I look forward to seeing answers from another judge's perspective

What does the boxing commision do (a course, make them watch fights, maybe sample scoring for a bout) to help judges make the transition in scoring differences from boxing to MMA.

I am currently an amateur MMA judge (USKBA sanctioned).
What are the best steps for me to take for becoming a professional judge at your level?

Do you have any tips for getting requests from promoters or organizations?

Do the judges count submission attempts from the guard as points? As it seems to me lately wrestling takedowns and top postition (lay and pray) seems to be winning the fights when a lot of the time the guy on the bottom is a lot busier and attempting to do something.

is it true you have to be legally blind to become a UFC judge??

Does Dana "BLAF" White have final say in the judging??..Does he ever overturn a ruling?

very gracious of Mr. Crosby to give a Q&A to us yahoos.

do you know judge judy?

Do you get judged (by the state athletic commission) on your actual judging performance? How do you gauge your own performance at an event?

How many judges does a athletic commission usually have in their pool?

And how do you get selected/assigned to an event?

Are you allowed to give feedback to a promoter/referee/fighter, and if you are allowed do you actively do so?


does the criteria favour effectiveness on the ground more, or top position control?

ie. if X takes Y down, but spends the whole round dodging Y's sub attempts having his strikes and guard pass attempts nullified, who wins the round?