Tank's bench press

Does anyone know what Tank's lifting routine is? He's a mess in cardio but a drug free 500 lb bencher has got to have a great routine. Does anyone know him or has anyone seen him lifting?

would be interested in this as well. some will say he is lazy and all, but he is one solid dude, so he's gotta put some serious time in the gym.
But I'm sure genetics don't hurt him either, he is built like a freakin pit bull!

btw, it's a drug free 600 lbs, but not the most strict style, so 500 lb would be a safe bet.

that is why I wrote 500lbs. I read that he can curl and put up serious numbers on the deadlift as well. I would be shocked if someone in HB hasn't seen him lifting on a regular basis.

Not too long ago I saw UFC DVD where Tank fights Cabbage. In there they show some of his workout. He does 315lb upright rows. They look more like high pulls but still he is yanking it up to shoulder height like it is nothing!

tank has phenomenal absolute strength

coach hale

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