tapout mouthguards

Ok UG  I have had enough of this. Tapout  gives some of their sponsored athletes mouthguards and they look like Tapout mouthguards but they are in fact gladiator custom mouthguards. So they are selling you a boil and bite but buying custom guards for some of their Pro's. from me. Now I have to look at this huge ad when I log on here


I can understand your outrage.

Point taken.

Get a license agreement???


I agree, that is messed up.


Fighters deserve the best equipment, yours.

"Joe-Schmoe-Start-From-The-Knees" will do fine with a boil and bite.


 Gladiator Mouthguards totally make a difference..

Gladiator Mouthguards > Others

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^^Nice catch^^



john is good for our sport

Gladiator Guards are awesome! I like TuffTeeth Guards as well but they're both equally good.

 I was pissed when they started quoting their athletes about how great the guards are, having KImbo pull it out on tuff, when Randy Ruiz of the blue Jays got hit in the face with a pitch did they give him one of their 30,000.00 dental warranty guards no they gave him a gladiator,

but having to look at the huge pop up when I log on here is just to much

I contacted them and asked if they wanted to offer a custom mouthguard as a part of their product line and expressed an interest making them and private labeling them for tapout but never heard back.

First off, I understand your frustration.

Are you the only mouthguard offering the $30k dental warranty?  Is that false advertising?

 Gladiator Mouthguards > the rest

ttt for www.customguards.com

MMAINCA - icedog11 - Let me get this straight...They buy mouthguards from you but then put 'TAPOUT' logos on it??? That sounds illegal unless you have some type of contract. Maybe I'm confused (falls off chair).

 No they pay me to make my guards look  like their boil and bites, and buy them for their professional athletes then get qoutes from those athletes about how they love their tapout mouthguards but there gladiators.

Having got on the custom guard wagon a long time ago it still confuses the hell out of me that anyone would consider using a boil and bite.

It's not even a case of not caring about your teeth, it makes you harder to knock out, harder to choke and more able to breath all of which improve your performance no end...