Tarver has to finish Roy this time

I'm not sure how many of you saw their first fight, but the Roy Jones / Antonio Tarver fight tomorrow night is going to be 10 times more explosive than I've seen anyone give it credit for.

First, Jones is arrogant as shit going into this one, just like he was last time, and I want to see his ass lose because of it. Granted he's a great boxer with a world of aptitude behind him, but he can't just bounce between weight classes like a ping pong ball and expect to keep hanging with top contention. Lest, the boxing world can't expect us to accept squeak-by decisions as he does this for our pay per view dollar.

If Tarver did one thing wrong in their last fight, he lacked ambition he had displayed early on in the later rounds, and failed to commit to combos that were clearly landing with the first two or three tentative shots he'd throw. Tarver was not hurt. Jones did not land a solid blow. His last three rounds in that ring against Antonio were pure survival, and when the decision was given to him, I was honestly shocked. I've heard the term "taking the title" referenced in conversations regarding decisions in title bouts, and that is exactly what happened here... in the final 3 rounds of any fight, when you have the champions tucked into a corner a good amount of that time, feeding him unreturned shots, you're taking the title. Jones won that fight because of his name, not his fight. That stuff irks me. Corrupt as shit.

Yves leaving, saying what he said about Boxing... you have to wonder if he was just trying to justify the move. Mad respect for him, no doubt... the jump from MMA to Boxing may mean paydays, but it also means seeeerious bullshit.

This fight will not be as close, Jones will dominate.

Jones OWNS! I really hope after this that him vs. Tyson comes off. Iron Mike will get embarassed.

Dave, you took a lot of time to make that post.....I'm going to be a little more simple.......Jones via KO within 7 rounds.


"I'm not sure how many of you saw their first fight,"

Obviously you didn't.

"Dave, you took a lot of time to make that post..... I'm going to be a little more simple....... Jones via KO within 7 rounds."

hahahahaha.... watch.

"Obviously you didn't."

Watch. You need to realize, Jones is a trained heavyweight. Tarver is a natural at this weight class. Jones is cutting down endurance to make this weight class. This fight WILL go past the 8th. It probably WILL go to a decision again. Those of you who are calling Jones to win this early... you know he'd HAVE to, to win this fight as decisively as you'd like.

Jones will win this time, and it won't be as close (and i'm NOT a Jones fan... in fact I always cheer against him).

i predict a boring fight, jones by comfortable decision

Jones cut too much weight in a short period and gassed in the the first fight, yet he still won. This go around he'll be in better shape and K.O. Tarver.

See Jones vs Griffin one and two.

Jones clearly was not physically prepared for the fight, as he cut the weight he put on to make heavy too quickly, too close to the fight. Jones may be the smartest fighter I've ever seen and he will make better adjustments from the first fight than Tarver IMO. Tarver's best chance was their first meeting, I believe Jones will fuck him up this time out.

"lmao, Ghost.....Jones won the first fight, it was close but he did land the shots needed, Tarver has wanted that fight so bad he was at his very best, he didnt CHOOSE to slow down, he was getting hit and was cautious."

I didn't see it. I saw little engagement by Jones, and Tarver moving around him, using excellent counter-positioning and outscoring him.

"Remember Montell Griffin? It may not be a 1st round KO, but it will be alot more dominating by Jones this time."

You have to figure, like everyone else hasn't, that advancements for each fighter are going to vary for this one. I take nothing away from Jones, and if he pulls off a Knockout on Tarver of all people, he's the man. However, you know, Tarver has tapes too... and he's fought in this class all along... so he's probably keyed on what a natural heavyweight dropping to fight him will be sporting as far as weaknesses. Expect him to take advantage of those. He'll be pacing him in the first 6, and bringin whoppers like burger king in the last 6, if he fights this fight correctly. I honestly think he can win.

"Jones knows what to expect and he knows what he has to do, Tarver is in for a rough night"

I agree with that. Anyone who's ever stepped into a Roy Jones Jr. - occupied boxing ring is in for a long night.

First round KO.

"First round KO."

Wow. The lack of respect for Tarver is awful here. I'm not gonna go EvilYoshida on you people, but jesus christ... this is going to be a war.

Tarve prepared for the fight of his life last time, Jones didint. Im sure Jones is more well prepared tis go about it. Jones in 6

Actually, I think Roy cut 30lbs in 2-3 weeks. He was doing jumping jacks and push-ups in a sauna with plastics on just days before the fight.

"Jones said he shedded 25 of the 30 lbs within a month."

He does that every fight. He walks around at 190 naturally.

"So he had 6-7 months to had prepared for Tarver."

He has that long for almost every fight in the last 4 years.

Tarver is a new kind of competitor... he gave Roy Jones the hardest fight, hands down, he's had in memorable history. He's going to get in there and do it again, too.

Scoring in their last fight: 114-114, 117-111, 116-112

I saw many more even rounds in this fight than the judges at ringside were paid to see.

yeah, what was the yves comment referring to? I'm wondering the same thing.

If Tarver steps up his workrate now i think he can beat Jones and not have to get another bullshit decision against him this time.

Jones is gonna Knock Tarver the Fuck Out baby!