Team Relson with reps out of Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, NC, and Goose Creek won the SC championships. It was the largest turn out so far for the tournament. It was no points and no time limits and was a great show. Alliance came in 2nd, and Gracie Barra from Atlanta came in 3rd. Out standing performances from our team was, Nissen Osterneck(purple belt), Dennis Perry, Briam Palmer, Joe Waldrop, Dustin Turbeville, Rodney Ford, Shawn Conrad,Rafal Florek, and many others. Shawn is a blue belt and fought a black belt for 35 minutes and Nissen who is purple armlocked the same black belt and gave another black belt 3 hard fights. It was a great tournament and I thank Mark Mills and CMATC for putting it on. Jay Dennis


Congrats :)


Damn!That's awesome.Congrats!

Jay,when are your classes held?I have an MMA fight at the end of June and need to get some good rolling in.

Scottie Newton

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in Georgetown @7:30pm and Wednesday in Conway @ 7:30pm. call for more details 843-240-3714

I heard Sara B. out of Charleston tore it up!


She did great, fought with guys.

Sara was impressive. She competed against guys and almost pulled off a sweet kimura.

Jay, are you guys going to compete in the Eastern Grappling Tournament in NC on May 20th.

Congratulations Jay.Thanks for taking a minute to speak w/ me.Sorry for any confusion in the past.I really liked how you seemed excited for your guys.Ive got mad respect for coaches that genuinly care.Best of luck in the future.

Congrats guys! No points, no scoring, no time limit... interesting format, were there a lot of long matches?

Good job guys. Way to Heprisent team Relson.

We are plannig on ging to NC to compete in the Hayastan Tournament. I will also compete. I have been getting into really good shape and rolling with everyone 4 days a week (as if all of you couldnt notice!)Nissen says he wants the 500.00, so they can go ahead and make the check out to him. I really love being part of Relson's team and am glad that I have been with him for the last 11 years or so. Phil Kirby, Shane Briggs, Jerry Brewer, and all of the rest should unite togo to the NC tourney and give Big Phil the team trophy if they have one.

There were some long matches but they ended with the best man winning. No injuries or rpoblems and the event ran smooth. It was all about what submission wrestling and Jiu Jitsu is-finishing.



I'll be going to the one in New Bern, but not the Hayastan Tourney. I have an mma fight a few days after that one.

ttt for any other results (specifically the Alliance fighters).......


I am not part of Team Relson. Just want to let everyone know the tournament went very well. Best Submission Wrestling tournament I have been to. The rules where very well done, minus the rule on leg locks (seeing as I am a Catch guy :p) I loved the no points, only sub rule, plus the overtime rule was really good to.

This was the first Submission Tournament I have went to where most of the bouts I saw where exciting.

ttt for chicken nugget