Tell me about ART please

I have golfers elbow in my left elbow. It seems like a mild
case as the pain is not really severe, but I cant workout.

I hear that Active Release Treatments are the way to go for
this type of injury. Just hoping to hear of others exeriences.

How effective is it? How many treatments will I need? How
quickly will it get better? I understand you cant really answer
these question, just looking to hear how it has worked for
others who have tried it.

Very effective. Very.

Depends on the extent.. but most don't need more than a few.

Pretty much immediately in some cases. I had a buddy who wasn't able to bench press for about 2 years because of shoulder pain. He went to ART, and stopped at the gym on the way home. Pain-free benching.

I had a similar experience with my elbows.. I wasn't 100% after one session, but I'd say 85% atleast.

Thats great to hear. Not working out is killing me. Even if a
takes a few visits, Im willing to do what it takes at this point.


I had a pretty shitty shoulder until I went to ART, on Ryno's recommendation actually. After three treatments, I was back to 90 percent. Very helpful, IMO.