Tell me about Ron Waterman

Yeah, I've heard he has/did have a career in pro wrestling, but what about his MMA? As far as heavyweight bouts go, is he interesting to watch?

im not a fan of H2O

Not much of a career in wrestling, cut by wwe mainly due to age.Only mma iv'e seen is standard GnP, has the power to pull it off, never seen him on his back though.

"cut by wwe mainly due to age"^^^^^^^^u know nothing^^^
no he wasn't
he was "released" from OVW(ohio valley wrestling) cause he wasn't that great of a pro wrestler.
the guy is a class act, he's a pastor and a fighter. when asked about being a pastor and a MMA fighter he replied God needs people of all walks of life.
moves like hes 180 and built like a tank.

"though his subs aren't great and his GnP isn't very agressive. This makes him less than exciting"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

bull shit to that comment...u teach internet TKD wtf do u know about GnP or submissions....internet TKD WTF??????

I like Waterman as a person. But the fight I saw with him was as boring as watching paint dry.

the rev

pretty much a pure wrestler. I think he doesn't even like to hit people.

seems to like the keylock, his go-to move.

He is strong thats for sure. I saw him on one those programs where he tore phone books in half one after the other and bent solid steel pipes. I had seen him fight before but didn`t know he was that strong till I saw that program. He also seems like a nice guy.

sirjoshua, i've never seen him wrestle I have seen him fight. I was just repeating the press release about him when he was let go "good talent but at his age not much of a future in pro wrestling" His mma fight's have always been along the M.Coleman style, worked 5-8 years ago but would be owned today against talent. Moves like a 180 pounder and built like a tank and what does that mean??? He look's good while not doing alot at all. He may be a great guy and a great pastor but that doesn't make him a great and exciting fighter, if i'm wrong please tell me the fights i can watch that will change my mind.

all in the individual on what makes an entertaining fight........I find good wrestling and ground work to be entertaining while others like all GnP or all stand up...just depends on the person to find what is entertaining or not...hmm?

Moves like a 180 pounder and built like a tank......what it means is he's as fast as someone 180 lbs. sub wise striking wise stamina wise.

built like a tank...well his physique is impressive for 260-270 lbs. he moves fast in all directions of fighting for 260-270.
IMO if he wasn't a pastor he would probably be more of an MMA name than he is.

TK who isnt known for his striking, almost knocked out Waterman in their Pancrase match. He is a good wrestler with a good keylock but isn't very well rounded and does NOT move like hes 180, thats absurd.

LMAO!!at Waterman having some sub skills!!!He has a sub skill the VI armlock,which i have offficially patented and renamed the "H2O upsidedown hammerlock"

He has a sub skill the VI armlock,which i have offficially patented and renamed the "H2O upsidedown hammerlock" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^LMAO LMAO

LOL I never said he had "some" sub skills or sub skills at all. LMAO just saying hes fast for his size....that is all. lol

he does love that keylock lol

Waterman has good takwdowns and good control, and not offensive. Watch his really boring fight with Ricco.

Waterman is a one trick pony with subs. Watch his really boring fight with Scary Jerry. He is trying to work that retarded armlock for like 10 minutes.


I think he was a good college wrestler. He is also a powerlifter and has done those shows on the christian channels where they bend frying pans "with the power of god" and all that. Is usually a boring fighter. As far as I can tell the keylock is all he's got in terms of offense. With his size and strength he should be a real beast, but he seems to be lacking the killer instinct.

apoligies he's a minister not a pastor!!

quit calling it a key-lock!!or ill go ZUFFA on your ass!!!and sue,sue,sue!!!H2O upside down hammerlock(patent pending),and Joe Rogan if you have any set of balls on you the next time someone is attempting this in an event you're commentating on,you will call it this very name!!!

Ron Waterman the current WEC Super Heavyweight Champion


Ron Waterman after successfully defending his WEC title over Ricco Rodriquez