Tennis elbow prevention

Does anyone have any recommendations for exercises that will help strengthen the elbow joint/ forearm and prevent Elbow tendonitis flare ups? Mine has gotten pretty bad over the last year. I do a lot of pad-holding for boxing and muay thai, as well as lots of training in GI for Judo and BJJ, seems like this is the worst possible combination of activities for elbow injuries,

So far i've been doing some bicep / tricep exercises, that was helping then i moved back to doing more functional stuff like deadlift, chin ups and bench presses and seems like thats made it worse again,

Anyone have any suggestions? I've pretty much accepted that i'm gonna be stuck with it for life but just wnat to know if theres a better way to strengthen the elbow and prevent it getting worse.



slow negative wrist curls...or since your have tennis elbow, slow negative reverse wrist curls(palm down). eccentric movements are the best for tendon healing and strength. aside from that stretch and do whatever other general forearm strengthening work you like. also: is a huge help

One of those forearm wraps/brace that go on right below the elbow did wonders for mine.  You have to dig into your tendons to really find the center of the pain and thats where you tighten the strap.

Can also give your self a massage on that spot a few times throughout the day, also some good strecthing as turducken mentioned.

Thanks for the tips, I'm going to try one of the armaids and see how that goes. I think it was chin ups that caused it to get bad again recently

Maybe prolotherapy injections, loosen everything up above and below it with massage, one of those spiked plastic ball things, stretch lots. Do strengthening exercises that don't make the pain worse, ice it after. 

Not just wrist curls, think of the motion of turning a door knob both directions but with resistance... that + wrist curls in both direction.

Theraband Flex Bar

Stop doing whatever is causing the tendinitis until it is better.