Thank you WEF!!!

On behalf of Leo Sylvest, I just wanted to say thank you to Marc Figueras, Renee Rosensteel, and the rest of the WEF staff! It was a pleasure to deal with you and we look forward to returning.

You dealt with Levine?

When are people gonna learn

no, I dealt with the aforementioned people and everything was in order. I base my opinions on my dealings with people. I had NO problems whatsoever with the WEF, and will continue to deal with them. Happy holidays!


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sent you mail Dave.

Renee Rosensteel is one of the best event coordinators in the game!

No matter what opinions are on the former/new WEF blah blah blah, Renee has always been a stand up person to deal with.

Mike Nelson

Hey Mike , what was with Leo doing a pose-down after he lost ? Is he breathing to many fumes on those roofs lol ?

LOL @ Randy

Leo told me on the way to the hotel from the airport that he can hit the punching bag like Mike Tyson but he never can hit anyone in the ring like that. Well, he landed a huge shot on Antony Saturday night. I guess he was happy about that.

Renee Rosensteel does a HELL of a Job!


"Renee Rosensteel does a HELL of a Job"

Let me tell you a little story about Renee. She called me and e-mail me about a title fight. We spent some time working out the pay and she told me things should be a go. See they wanted me to pay for my travel and she said they would pay me back when I showed up. So I call up Monte to help me out. I was not going to front the money to fly down. I then call Renee and told here she would have to call Monte to close the deal.

Monte calls me later and said everythings a go and they would be flying me down for the fight.

The next day Renee e-mails me and said the fight was off. She gave no reason!

We all know Monte. If Monte said it was a done deal, then it was a done deal.

I was going to take the fight on 2 weeks notice. Not just a fight but a title fight. Thats not the way to treat a fighter who is willing to help out a show and fight on short notice.....Joe Jordan

That would suck but Renee does not handle money or the matchups. Renee is a coordinator and graphic artist and she does a great job of that. She was probably relating the message to you from someone else. Did you call Monte back and ask him if he knew why the fight was off? Maybe the other fighter cancelled or something??

That's a shame though because I would have loved to see you fight again!

I did call Monte and he said he had no ideal why the fight was called off. It was a done deal. I did call Reene later that day and she would not give me a stright answer. All she would say is the fight could not be brought together. Thats fine, but why spend 2 1/2 days working out a deal with me to have me come down and fight. She even had me looking for the cheapest air fare. Also she had me find a Am. fighter that would come down and fight for little money. After I did all this, I get a e-mail with no explanation.

Sounds a little fishy and totally unprofessional.....Joe Jordan

Joe, Believe me, I've had to deal with this kind of stuff recently from another promoter, and was told certain things and promises that later did not happen. (it's funny too, because after it happens, then nobody knows how to tell the truth) they all pass the buck off on someone else. A fighter should not have to deal with drama like this, (those 2 in a half days could have been spent getting mentally prepared for the fight) When you have these things happen, it fucks with you mentally. (does me anyway) and i guarantee it won't happen to me again. We all know, when Monte says something, it's always going to be the truth, and you can take his word to the bank!! Some people might not always like what he has to say, but at least you always know where you stand and it's going to be the truth. Sorry for your experience. These kind of situations really suck to deal with.

Here is some of the unprofessionalism I was talking about. Read this.....

Today while I was sleeping my wife answers the phone. It was Renne from the WEF. My wife said Renee asked for me and my wife told her I was sleeping. Renee then went on to say she would really like to speak with me and she was highly pissed off with me. My wife replied she would not wake me up because Joe works 3rd shift. My wife said Renee went on about how pissed off she is and started being rude. So my wife hung up the phone.

The post I made above is the full truth. Thats how things went down. Now my wife has to deal with these people on a personal basis.

Base on the facts, I would have to say she is acting totally unprofessional.

I know Renee will read this. It would be nice if she would explain why she felt it was necessary to use profanity while speaking with my wife. While your at it, explain what really happened to my fight..........Joe Jordan

lol wow

"Leo told me on the way to the hotel from the airport that he can hit the punching bag like Mike Tyson but he never can hit anyone in the ring like that."

LOL anyone can hit a punching bag "like Mike Tyson" its the ability to hit like that on a moving, counter-punching target that seperates tyson from 99.99999999% of the population

ttt for a good job........Joe Jordan

Joe you can insinuate, exaggerate and insite, but let's take a look at things....First off, the quote to your wife was "Tell him I am mad as hell" I would not disrespect her ...after all she is just stuck in the middle. Second, Monte Cox tried his best to help facilitate the deal. He said he is not your manager, just trying to help. Third, a public forum is no place to do business. It is far from appropriate. I have called you. If you want to talk about this like a rational adult, I left my number on your machine. Fourth, I work for a company. I disclose only what I am authorized to disclose. Nothing more. Fifth, deals fall through. It is an unfortunate reality of business...and it is most certainly difficult to be the bearer of bad news, but information was delivered as quickly and as clearly as possible.

That is all there is to it.

BTW: Leo does hit realllly hard. I was on the cage photographing the show. The sound of the impact when he caught Rea was something else. Rea pulled off a masterful armbar. Both fighters did an awesome job.