Anybody know more details? Looks like Mananquil & Etzler on the USA squad.


I should get upset, but it happens so often I just get tired....

China always wants to set up China vs. anyone, under San Da rules, and NOT get US San Da fighters....

Wouldn't it be nice to see the US's top San Da guys, who know the rules, the scoring and how to fight that style fight China's top guys

Wouldn't it be cool to see Duncan Duffin, Ian Morgan, Jose Palcios, Rich Acosta, Max Chen, Brad Burrick, Josh Beuregard, etc all step up and smack China down here on US soil?

But it aint gonna happen, because, and no offense to the US team up there, those guys are NOT familiar with China, the format or the rules...

At least the fight is in San Fran. So will it be more "American" judging?

Last three times they did an event in US, they brought Chinese judges and equally horrible Chinese ref's along with them....

I'd love to kick them back to China!


I remember the IKF board regarding the team sent over there...I bet you were really tired after that one, LKFMDC!!


It's sort of funny, you try and tell someone, "hey, I've already been through this, I can save you some pain, LISTEN TO ME" but tehy want to stick their fingers in the electric socket themselves to see what the pain feels like :)

Mike Altman of Texas Kickboxing, pro San Da fighter, is trying to get some more info on this,,,

"China always wants to set up China vs. anyone, under San Da rules, and NOT get US San Da fighters...."


are you guys insinuating china doesn't fight fair? LOL.

who is promoting this show???

the US guys have got toasted every time for like 5 years straight

When the "US Guys" are guys who have never done San Da, not only don't know the rules but aren't up on the throwing, of course they lost....

No offense to the Muay Thai guys fighting on this show, they are probably great MT style fighters, but San Da is not Muay Thai and if you aren't up on the rules and the format, you will lose

Not to mention, if you are not up on the rules, China will cheat you BLIND...

Despite the warnings I gave the IKF, their team got royally screwed in China, only to find out after the fact stuff that all of the US San da guys would have known immediately

I have been hearing about this alot, and i don't think its san da..... Don't know yet but my boy is trying to get a pro muay thai fight on there.

I can't tell from the poster...Is it a San Da event? It does not seem to specify any particular rules set.

From the poster, all I can tell you is that the Chinese fighters ARE from the King of San Da circuit, but that's all I can say. Maybe they are fighting Muay Thai rules, but my gut and my experience would say no. Unlikely China would bother to come all the way to the US, put up San Da fighers, to fight Muay Thai guys under their rules...

I could be wrong, I don't know, I'm trying to find out

Although he's been training with the group more recently, Muay Thai Meng Ho Gym's Andy Souwer, won two consecutive ShootBoxing S-Cups. Of course Souwer is also the K-1 MAX World Grand Prix Champion, so he's talented (and thankfully, more humble now).

This is very hypocritical of me to say this as I abhor Phil "I think his name is Pork Fried Rice" Burrito, but in terms of getting the word out on the corruption of the Chinese Wushu Association, maybe you should take the fight to them, and buy ad space in a Chinese newspaper (maybe you have connections perhaps) and write your grievances out. You can also call them out placing fliers outside the vicinity of the Chinese embassy and its allies (ie Shawn Liu's schools, Overseas Shaolin Temple Mission, etc) stating how they can only win by cheating, changing the rules, and sandbagging, etc, etc. Best if you can find someone who can translate in Chinese (both Simple and Traditional text)

For years the King of San Da USA site ( has exposed the "irregularities" of the Chinese run end of the sport. The Chinese response, they blocked access to the site from inside China. A certain new federation just formed recently in CA is run by, surprise, all Chinese, but yet none are known to have fighting programs or fighters. In a conversation I had with one during US team trials, they basicly tried to threaten me not to publish any of the nonsense they are up to. Of course, I published an unbiased report anyway...

If after all this time, nothing has changed, it's alost cause trying to get China to "change".... The best thing, what we are doing in fact, is to do our own thing... and it does hit China hard, when we did the first world championships last September, they nearly lost their mind!

Let's be realistic. Even if the US fielded their best Sanda guys, they couldn't beat China if the latter fielded their best. They have a huge pro league to select from.

Mike Altman of Texas recently beat one of the pro cicuit guys IN CHINA... probably because the scout didn't do his job and thought Mike was a Muay Thai guy, no, I'm not joking...

I think if they put their best vs our best, we'd win about half... perhaps more with punching and knees. China for too long has "won" only by creative judging, and by playing games with rulings