the greatest no-gi instructor

i think the greatest no-gi instructor is Eddie Bravo.

Who else has instructed you?

"i think the greatest no-gi instructor is Eddie Bravo."

Hi Eddie !!

LOL, Ninja pallleeeezzzz.

i have trained with alot of great guys, i think he is the best guy out there because he has such a great understanding of how to attack without the gi and ect. and he also has a good way of breaking the technique down and providing all the nuances that make the technique work.

I would love to train with Eddie someday, I heard that he is an excellt instructor

"i have trained with alot of great guys"

Like who?

Eddie would have had to produce some of the top no gi grapplers in the world in order to deserve such a title. Last time I checked Eddie is still trying to make a name off of his one big win against Royler and has produced ZERO top guys.

Jacare and his alliance guys gets my bid, Marcelo, and Leo both multi time adcc champs.

marcello is pretty amazing,and fun to watch too.He gets my vote.

yea man the jiu-jitsu that he teaches is crazy, it's like its from another planet. o yea I forgot he is from the 10th planet.

This B.S over this one hit wonder in unreal.


C H I A P P E R E L L I.

look at the winners of ADCC and find out who their instructors are...its that simple.

so far the Alliance lineage has the most.

Renzo Gracie- Ricardo, Serra, and countless others that could smoke any of the above mentioned instructor's best students.

I happened to be at Serra's school when Bravo got raped by Joe Scarola, it was ugly.

Offcoarse it was only training. Eddie got his knee hurt pretty bad that day.


If only that were true, Renzo himself was smoked by Marcelo, Almeida hasn't won jack and neither has serra. They are good don't get me wrong, but they haven't won anything. Alliance has two multi time ADCC champions to boast the only other team that comes out like that is Barra Gracie with Roger, Feitosa etc.

The best no-gi coach? John Donehue

He took an australian from nothing, to being able to beat Renzo in ADCC, in about 1 year. Mind you, John has trained a lot with Rico Chiapperrelli.

my $0.02

The question was best no gi instructor. Renzo's losses do not count. I
believe his student Roger won his weight class and the absolute this
year as did his student Kyra, she won her division. Almeida was great
in his time, Rodrigo and Serra are both excellent at no gi BJJ. I'd say
with that record either he or Alliences Jacare can lay claim to the

By the way every loss of Renzo's in ADCC except Marcello has been
from guys taking him down and running away, he also won his division
twice in his prime. The guy is 38 and still puts it out there give him
some credit.

Renzo has all produced Shawn Williams and John Danaher...

Eddie is good, but who has he produced out of his school? To be a great instructor you have to put great guys out!! IMO

bjjprim8- Renzo himself is a multi time ADCC champ.

You cannot only look at recent competition results.