The Grill, Robbed

Cooper DQ'd in the absolute brown belt finals for flashing some crack? Are you kidding me??!?!?!

What are the details on that DQ?

His ass was showing and the ref DQed him. It is against the rules so its not unheard of but everyone was like WTF???????

Apparently the rules say you have to wear underwear and he wasn't.

Video clip here:

LOL that sucks!

why the hell wouldnt u wear anything underneath ur gi pants??

was he wearing lycra fight shorts at least??

im not sure if its just me, but not wearing underwear in any sporting event besides a water sport doesnt sound like the right thing to do

Not sure if he did Judo previously but traditionally underwear is not worn at all when someone did Judo. This is still common pratice in some Judo schools in Japan and Korea.

First of all why is he even competing or grapplign in general without wearing underwear? That is just disgusting.

Top of that we are talking about world championships here. He really should have been wearing underwear. It is not that rare for gi pants to untie or just loosen up and if you are not wearing underwear...

Last but not least the is very clear written rule in the rule book that one must wear underwear.

What he did was not only disgusting but clearly against the rules. He was DQed for a reason and good one. He is there on the mat with his bare ass.

LOL at the sanctimonious pomposity here.

"Thats disgusting" etc

when you train No Gi do you wear underwear under your fight shorts?

Thought not........................

Well I do wear underwear under my sprawl shorts.

"when you train No Gi do you wear underwear under your fight shorts?"

uh, YES?


What the fuck is this world coming to?

I wear three pairs of underwear under my fightshorts when I'm training. That way when I fight with my wife for real it feels like I'm naked. Or something like that....

Back to reality. The more people who get robbed, the worse for the sport.


When I think of people getting robbed, I think of Mike Fowler getting slammed last year against Daniel Moraes (sp). This Cooper match was in the midst. He didn't follow the rules. He lost. End of story. He talked about how they checked his sleeves and didn't say anything. Who is going to check your pants? Its common sense.

That said, it is the old school way not to wear underwear under your pants. Twelve years ago, I remember my instructor not wearing anything and thinking to myself "damn, thats ballsy."

and the winner, in the red corner, by no underwear disqualification ......

was he winning or losing? i see he was up against otavio souza (sp?)

Freeballin in jiujitsu is not

Unique, you need to chill out with your "It's disgusting" bellyaching. It's not like he's putting his junk directly into anyone's face. There is still gi pants covering him. It's dumb rule in my opinion. Still, Cooper should have read the rules. He probably never thought it was a non-issue.

He should have been DQ'd, when I do an arm drag from the mat and grab the guys pants or belt I don't need to sink a finger in someones butthole.

He should have been thrown out.

My old Judo coach never wore underwear and told me its not unusual. Sounds like the ref was looking for an excuse. Eeeeets buuuullsheeeeeet...