"The Immortal" Matt Brown here from TUF 7

 Hey guys, I don't have a blog or anything but I am on here just about every day. So if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk shit, feel free to use this thread. I will give you guys as much insight as I am aloud to. My website ( theimmortal.tv, mattbrown-mma.com ) is under construction and will be up soon.... Hope you guys enjoyed the fights, there will be many more badass fights on upcoming shows!

 ttt for Matt

FOTN in my opinion. If you bring it like you did in your first fight, you'll give anyone a run for their money.

Nice job.



 great fight....i'll admit I thought you were gonna get your ass kicked but you fought a great well rounded fight



 Matt, what injuries or bumps and bruises did you carry out of that first fight?

I'm wondering if you held back some background info or something.

Dana & Rampage commented several times that "Hey this guy knows alot more than just boxing."

Obviously you knew your Wrestling, BJJ, Kicks and more VERY VERY WELL.

Did you sandbag a little during the interview process??

; )

That was a really good fight! You did well for your initial outing on the show! I look forward to seeing what comes up...

I don't suppose you can confirm nor deny the whole Forrest versus Rampage sparring incident?

Congrats Matt. Look for big thing's out of this guy people one of the mentally strongest guy's I know.

ttt for Matt

 Old Feller, just a couple of bruises on my face in the shape of Josh Halls fist, and my elbow was chipped or bruised badly from the mat where I missed his head. It had no effect on training or anything though.

ptm2020, I honestly don't remember what I told them. I actually do more thai-boxing than straight boxing but my shins were badly bruised before the show so I couldn't kick as much. I am not sure where they got that I was just a boxer.

RipOste, Can't say nothing about upcoming episodes, you gotta watch the show!

 thanks for answering my ? Matt.  Good luck!

Hey Matt. Like Dana said you looked a little small for 185, is that the weight you usually fight at? What weight do you normally walk around at? Great fight, look forward to seeing you again!

 Huerta#1Fan, I make no excuses for my losses. I fight the best I can everytime. I could run down 100 excuses for every loss, but the fact is I still lost and the guy across from me was a better man that day.

that was a great fight Matt you look like a really well rounded fighter

congrats on your success so far and lets hope for more good fights like last night

Excellent performance Matt. Whatching last nights episode, were you surprised by the comments made by Rampage and BLAF?

Best of luck in future!



I was there live when you beat Matt Arroyo

 Great fight last night Matt. Definitely the fight of the night. How was living in the house?

 CLINTNJHC, all my fights have been at 170 before the show. I think I just looked small compared to my opponent (he was really big). I walk around at 185-190 so I wasn't really outsized by anyone.

war u!

u were my underdog pick for this season! the only thing that bums me out about u is that u replaced my man tristan vs lytle...obviously not ur fault

lytle talks you up so much. he def is a big fan of u as am I. best of luck! based on that first fight I assume you will be fighting in the finale, even if you dont make it to the finals

you also beat my guy douglas lima, which is very impressive in its own right. props