The Jon Jones 911 call (audio)!

Or he googled the DOB and found it within 2 seconds like I just did

Hard to tell, but definetly out drugged every fighter with ufc help

I disagree. Vitor was more juiced up when they fought

Did you know when you call 911 from a hotel phone at MGM resorts it goes to hotel security first? They don’t like police being called over domestic unless it’s serious. They also don’t like police present in the hotel because they know their high rollers usually have drugs and prostitutes with them. I learned this from a former head of security at Mandalay Bay. I’m not sure about Caesars Palace. But at the time (2017) MGM owned half the strip. They’ve since sold a lot of properties.

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we are talking about Jones
You know PEDs helped him win fights
Don’t play dull



Really? Would have assumed it would be illegal to block a call to 911. Imagine you’re trying to get an ambulance for a medical emergency and you get hotel security instead. How inconvenient.


It looks like they are covering her bruise with the snuggly selfie

Also may go down as the most talented man to ever sabotage his own greatness, has already with me and this upgrades my dislike to hate type levels. It’s sick how he stares into her eyes after that kiss on the forehead. I was scared for her tbf. Like bitch tried to ruin my good name I built for myself by ratting on me when I just slammed her once or twice and jf the kid is speaking up for her at this stage then she needs as much help as he does. Crazy shit

I totally get the way you were raised why it would effect you as a kid but once you become an adult it’s your choice on which way you go. If she had a bad upbringing and she didn’t change things that’s on her!
Your completely right that generations repeat itself and that’s sad because their is so many resources to break that cycle. You just have to choose it and she must not of. That’s if she had a rough upbringing.

They popped for PEDs as well

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Swing your fist anywhere near her and you’re gonna hit that chin.


Lol good one cunty!

Ol’ Cunty

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Narcissism is extreme self-involvement to the degree that it makes a person ignore the needs of those around them.

Its ok they made up. Its amazing what some oats and carrots can do for and appology

Oh wow. I didn’t know this. Well, this explains a lot.

She’s a grown woman. I feel no sympathy for her. If she wants to let jones continue to slap her around I don’t care

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